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Mayor of the Citizens and Action-oriented Municipal Government: Mayor Lin

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Mayor of the Citizens and Action-oriented Municipal Government: Mayor Lin
Mayor of the Citizens and Action-oriented Municipal Government: Mayor Lin

The inauguration ceremony for the 2nd term mayor of Taichung City was held at the Taichung City Hall on December 25, 2014, at which point the new mayor, Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍), took over the official seal from outgoing mayor Jason Hu, was sworn in, and made an inaugural address. He promised to be a "mayor of the citizens" and to establish an "action-oriented municipal government." He also set goals for his team to accomplish during their first 100 days in office. “We must carry them out efficiently to make our citizens feel our achievements,” stressed Mayor Lin.

Woody Duh (杜紫軍), Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, served as the moderator and supervisor of the ceremony. Unlike traditional inauguration ceremonies, where only VIPs are invited, Mayor Lin invited over 1000 representatives from civil welfare groups, business groups, volunteers and young people, in order to demonstrate his "people-based" policies.

Mayor Lin said, “The first 100 days are considered a honeymoon period, but my team will have already reached a consensus on our future governance. We do not need a break-in period; we are a team of action!"

He pointed out, “People have complained most about the traffic conditions. Therefore, my team will first study the rapid transit and BRT systems, improve traffic congestion, and conduct road leveling projects. I will check out the BRT Control Center tomorrow but will meet with the chiefs of our 29 administrative districts at the Fengyuan Yangming Building already this afternoon. I will personally see to it to improve administrative efficiency at the grassroots level for such public affairs as passport applications. I want the public to start benefiting from our achievements within 100 days.”

"A city is great because it has great people!" Mayor Lin stressed this point in order to make the public the real masters of the city; he will realize the spirit of civism, uphold the principles of open governance, listen to public opinions, direct his municipal governance to serve the people as its ultimate goal and cooperate with civil society.

He also promised to advocate necessary policies to encourage industrial development and create employment opportunities for the youth and students studying in Taichung. “Taichung City is full of opportunities. It has already given me the chance to realize my dream and it is high time for me to create opportunities for others who wish to build their dreams here in Taichung City,” said Mayor Lin.

Mayor Lin also said, “In the future, I will improve the marginalization of former county regions, regenerate the old urban communities, improve the efficiency of all the administrative districts, develop public transportation, and work with Changhua County and Nantou County to promote regional governance. The 4.5 million people living in the Taichung-Changhua-Nantou area shall work together to build Taichung into the growth engine for central Taiwan in terms of transportation, industry, culture and economic development.

Mayor Lin also expressed his gratitude to the citizens for entrusting him with the position of mayor more than 20 days ago. “I promise to be a ‘mayor of the citizens’ and establish an‘action-oriented municipal government.’ I vow to solve problems for our citizens in an efficient and active way. I will ask my leading cadres to sign the Clean Government Convention and act in a highly self-disciplined way,” Mayor Lin said.

December 25 is also Christmas day. Mayor Lin wished everyone a peaceful Christmas holiday. He said, “The step we have just taken today symbolizes our hope, which has taken root in the soil of Taichung; we are making our dreams come true. This city shall continue to move forward to fulfill its missions and preserve its heritage in an innovative way.”

"Hope is coming alive and action has been taken!" said Mayor Lin, “The blueprint for our voyage is ready. I hope everyone will roll up their sleeves and begin to build Taichung into a dream city for all of us, regardless of generation, wealth or class. Let us open our arms and welcome the advent of the Taichung era.”

Personally offering his blessings to Mayor Lin, the outgoing Mayor Hu said, “The director of the Personnel Department asked me one month ago if I would take part in this handover ceremony. I replied ‘yes’ without hesitation because it is my duty and an honor to hand over the official seal to the new mayor and offer my blessings in person.”

Mayor Hu also said that he had called Mayor Lin by telephone the night when the election results came out. “I offered my blessings and said, ‘Taichung is our common love.’ I also asked those people coming over to bid farewell to me last night and to help the new mayor and his team to make Taichung a better place because we all love Taichung,” said Mayor Hu.

"The voting has ended. We must set off again to build up Taichung," Mayor Hu said, “I sincerely hope Mayor Lin will move Taichung forward every day. I hope Mayor Lin will create an atmosphere where people will come together regardless of which political party they belong to. In this way, I believe everyone who has worked and is working for Taichung City Government will feel happy and peaceful.”

Minister without Portfolio Duh thanked Mayor Hu for his contributions in building Taichung into an international modern city renowned for its culture, arts, science and technology, and intelligent community.“It is remarkable that the financial situation in Taichung has been better than other cities even after Taichung has pursued so many construction projects,” said Duh.

Duh also praised Mayor Lin’s outstanding performance in the past and hoped that Mayor Lin will create sustained development based on the foundation laid by Mayor Hu.

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