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Properly Cooked Poultry and Eggs Keep You from Bird Flu Risk

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

H5N2 and H5N8 avian flu outbreak has been reported on large-scale poultry farms in southern Taiwan, but neither of the two avian flu viruses has so far infected humans according to the surveys done by many countries in the world, said Health Bureau of Taichung City Government. To keep away from avian flu, you need to do only a few things: Do not contact unidentified birds; Wash hands often and correctly; Cook poultry meat and eggs properly.

Neither H5N2 nor H5N8 avian flu virus hasever caused anyhuman infection around the world, the Health Bureau stressed, and prevention measures have been taken in those place where the epidemic took place. The Education Bureau of Taichung City Government has also checked to find out that no eggs of a particular brand have been used in schools of Taichung City since schools opened in September 2014. It is stressed again that avian flu virus will be killed if poultry is cooked at 56℃ forthree hours, 60℃ for thirty minutes, or100℃ for one minute. Cook chicken and eggs properly, then you do not have to worry about safety of poultry products at all, said Health Bureau.

Health Bureau has also asked medical institutions within its jurisdiction to strengthencase reporting. Taichung Hospital and 11 hospitals designated for infectious disease prevention have prepared enough gowns, masks, and antiviral agents. All of them are ready to combat the epidemic and ensurepublic health.

Hsu Yung-nian (徐永年), Director of Health Bureau urged citizens qualified for publicly funded influenza vaccination to get vaccinated during the flu season. In cooperation with the Animal Protection Department, Director Hsu has also asked those who are working in the livestock industry to strengthen personal hygiene and get flu shot. In addition, he has also provided a “5-yes-10-no” tip to our citizens for their effective prevention of the flu or avian flu virus.

Five things that you must do:

1. Wash hands often: Clean hands with soap, especially after contact with any bird’s meat and excretion.

2. Get flu shot for “human” influenza: Those who contact with the birds for a long term(veterinaries, poultry farmers, and people engaged in the transport, sale, and slaughterof birds) must be injected with human influenza vaccine.

3. Cook poultry products properly: Avian flu virus will be killed if you heat the chicken and eggs at 56℃ for three hours, 60℃ for thirty minutes, and 100℃ for one minute.

4. Have balanced diet, do exercise properly, get adequate sleep and rest, and reduce stress.

5. Conduct self-health management. If you have a fever, please wear a mask and go to doctor immediately.

Ten things that you must not do:

1. Do not feed and get close contact with migratory birds and general birds.

2. Do not visit the areas where any avian fluoutbreakhas occurred. Do not smuggle in any birdfrom other countries.

3. Do not mix the feeding and the sheltering of different types of birds (chickens, ducks) and animals (pigs).

4. Do not release into the wild any birds (pigeons) rose by you.

5. Do not buy poultry meat of unknown origin.

6. Do not touch, sell, buy and eat diseased birds.

7. Do not dispose of dead birds in an arbitrary way.

8. Do not slaughter birds by yourself.

9. Do not eat any poultry products raw (including eggs and related products).

10. Do not get in any public place crowded with people and/or poorly ventilated, so as to reduce the chance of infection.

If you have any related questions, please call the National Immunization Hotline 1922.

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