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Little Red Envelopes of Love PART 5

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Little Red Envelopes of Love PART 5
Little Red Envelopes of Love PART 5

Lunar New Year is approaching. Taichung City Government gave each of the 6600 kids of disadvantaged families a "little red envelope of love" containing NT$200. All the red envelopes amounting to a total of NT$1.26 million were donated by 12 charitable organizations. Mayor Lin Chia-lung said, “Every child from any disadvantaged family is an angel sent by God, who gives us the opportunity to show our love, so we should help others with a grateful heart.”

Taichung City Government has started to promote the "Little Red Envelopes of Love" program since 2011.2015 is year of the Goat and it also marks the fifth year when the business firms, the charitable organizations and the general public are mobilized again to show their care and concern for children and teens of disadvantaged families. Moreover, 32 charity units, village heads, neighborhood chiefs and donors were appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors. They will personally visit each kid at his or her home and present to him or her a little red envelope of love before the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

On January 29, 2015, the Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government held at the Taiwan Boulevard Municipal Building a press conference, in which Mayor Lin conferred the letter of appointment to each of the Goodwill Ambassadors and presented a red scarf, a symbol of heritage and gratitude, to each representative of the sponsor units. Attending the press conference were city councilor Liu Shi-chou (劉士州) and Director Lu Jian-de (呂建德) of Social Affairs Bureau. Both of them expressed their thanks to those kind-hearted sponsors, too.

“Lunar New Year makes us feel warm and grateful,” Mayor Lin said, “but not everyone can have a happy reunion at home. When I was a little kid, my family was too poor to pay the rental. And all my family members were driven out of the rented house right on the day of Lunar New Year's Eve.My family did not eat dinner that night,not to mention of getting any red envelopes. This sad memory hit me very hard. I have thus begun to adopt children since I was a high-school student. I have done so for more than 35 years. I hope every one of us can do more good deeds.”

"When giving, we must feel grateful." Mayor Lin said, “The ‘Little Red Envelopes of Love’ program has been implemented for five years since 2011. Over the course of time, we have helped about 22,000 children and teens from disadvantaged families. We feel they are angels sent by God to offer us the opportunity to give. Therefore, we must feel grateful because we are fortunate enough to have the ability to help others.”

Mayor Lin stressed that the red envelopes shall enlighten many little kids. “On behalf of our citizens, I would like to thank the Goodwill Ambassadors and the charitable organizations for their donations. I would like to also give our citizens a big red envelope in this year. Two of my social welfare programs will be implemented. They are the ‘end-to-end daycare subsidy program for 0-6 year-old kids’ and "free dentures for senior citizens aged 65 and above," said Mayor Lin.

Director Lu of Social Affairs Bureau said, “The ‘Little Red Envelopes of Love’ program is the first of its kind in Taiwan. I hope every adult can join this campaign and give every child a red envelope containing NT$200. The amount is small, but it will our kids a hope and a warm memory.”

Director Lu stressed, “Mayor Lin pays great attention to the assistance to the disadvantaged. There is 80% of our population in the middle class, but the rest of 20% is so disadvantaged that the 80% should help the 20%. Thus, Mayor Lin launches his end-to-end day care subsidy program in which the daycare subsidy program is expanded to cover 3-year-old kids who are attending the affordable daycare centers and childcare allowance will be granted to kids aged 3 to 6. It is hoped to reduce the burden on parents and give our kids at various stages a happy growth.”

  • Date : 2015-02-06
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