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Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner with Daddy Lin and Daddy Lan

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

Mayor Lin Chia-lung had a “weilu” dinner party (literally meaning a family reunion dinner party held at the Lunar New Year’s Eve) with 95 children and teens from placement institutions in Taichung. The “weilu” event was held at the Taichung Ren'ai Senior Citizens' Home (臺中市立仁愛之家). Joining the dinner party were also senior citizens of Ren'ai Senior Citizens' Home and Lan Zheng-xiong (藍正雄), a representative from the business sector who has sponsored this “weilu” activity for nine times. Mayor Lin gave each kid a "little red envelope of love" and promised to strengthen the welfare system for the children and teens at the placement institutions.

This warm event was held on February 6. Present at the party were also Director Lu Jian-de (呂建德) of Social Affairs Bureau and city councilor Zeng Tsao-rong (曾朝榮) in addition to Mayor Lin and Lan Zheng-xiong. The children and teens made their own cards to thank "Daddy Lin" and "Daddy Lan." Mayor Lin conferred a Certificate of Appreciation to Lan Zheng-xiong in recognition of his selfless love for the children and teens.

Mayor Lin said that after launching the daycare policy for 0-6 year-old kids,he would also raise the standards for the welfare system for kids at the placement institutions.

Mayor Lin said, “Some of you may not have family reunion dinner at home on the Lunar New Year’ Eve, but all together we have an even larger family reunion dinner party here at the Ren'ai Senior Citizens' Home. I am very happy to see our elders and kids sitting around the table together for this Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner. I hope to combine childcare and daycare together, so that our seniors can hold the hands of the youth, telling stories to them and the kids can accompany the elderly. I hope to make Taichung the kindest city to the elderly and kids.”

“Apart from being Mayor of Taichung, I am also guardian to nearly 10 children and teens here.” Mayor Lin said, “I am not able to take care of everyone here just like the sun cannot shed its light to every corner. To take care of the corner where sunshine can’t reach, we are lucky to have Daddy Lan. His love will help lighten up any of those places.You know something. Doesn’t ‘Lin’ sound like ‘your’ and ‘Lan’ sound like ‘my’ in Taiwanese dialect. That means children in Taichung have two wonderful daddies to take care of them, doesn’t it?”

Lan Zheng-xiong, said, “Lunar New Year holidays supposed to be a family reunion time for everyone, but many children cannot return home due to one reason or another. So, I took the initiative to contact the Social Affairs Bureau and have started to arrange this kind of events since 3 or 4 years ago. In addition to this Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner, I will also arrange such events as traveling and outing. I hope to help our children and teens here to have a good New Year holiday.”

Lan Zheng-xiong has already sponsored the “weilu” event for 9 times. In each “weilu”event, he always insists on having the meals prepared in a way that the children and teens prefer. For this time, a special steak set manual was prepared for the children and teens, a breakaway from the traditional dishes for the Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner. The children and teens were very satisfactory with this new experience, said the Social Affairs Bureau.

Children and teens at the placement institutions are usually taken care of under the social welfare programs. They were taken to the Ren'ai Senior Citizens' Home to make “sun cakes”with the elders and then have the “weilu”dinner with them, in a hope to give the senior citizens a warm “family reunion” feeling and to cultivate the spirit of respecting the elderly and servicing the community to those kids from the placement institutions, the Social Affairs Bureau pointed out.

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