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Taichung Rolls out Rehabus APP

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Taichung Rolls out Rehabus APP
Taichung Rolls out Rehabus APP

Taichung Rehabus APP has rolled out online now! People can use their mobile APP to access the website to book a Rehabus and rate their satisfaction level and reflect their views. Mayoress Liao Wan-ru (廖婉如) declared the kickoff of Rehabus APP on March 20 and urged our citizens to download and use it. She has also expressed her gratitude toward the donator of 5 Volkswagen Kombi Rehabuses.

The Rehabus service is highly affirmed by Taichung citizens. To keep on the momentum, Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government continued to push out the "Taichung Rehabus APP," which integrates all the information and functions of Rehabus, including the reservation hotline, service information, and online booking. People can also rate their satisfaction levels and reflect their views on the Rehabus services right away, making it even closer to the needs of our citizens.

"The city government takes action to make people with disabilities more mobile than ever!" Mayoress Liao Wan-ru said, “Our German friends once mentioned that the Taiwanese looked very healthy, but in fact it is because our disabled friends are not willing to go out. Now we have the Rehabus APP to make it easy for them to move around.”

“There are a lot of low-floor buses and Rehab uses in Taichung,“ she stressed, “and we can book a Rehabus by this APP software now. If the low-floor bus rejects to serve you or a Rehabus does not offer good service, you can reflect your opinions immediately through the APP, too. So, you are encouraged to download and use the APP today.”

On behalf of the city, mayoress Liao Wan-ru also accepted the 5 Volkswagen Kombi Rehabuses donated by Mr. Xiao Ming-tao (蕭明道) and conferred him a Certificate of Appreciation. She said, “There are about 116,000 friends with disabilities who need the Rehabus service. Among them, people with moderate to serious disability are approximated at 26,000, who need the Rehabus service the most. Currently, we have a total of 250 Rehabuses in Taichung City but only 32 of them are Volkswagen Kombi Rehabuses with better shock absorption effect.”

“The Volkswagen Kombi Rehabus is very expensive.” she continued, “Every vehicle costs about NT$1.85 million. I was very much moved when I learned that Mr. Xiao donated 5 of them at one time. Of course, kindness is not necessarily related to how much money you donate. The city government has been considering the possibility of raising funds to buy more Volkswagen Kombi Rehabuses through small-amount donation and has been working with people from the private sector to remove obstacles on the sidewalks. We hope our friends with disabilities are more willing to move around in the city.”

Social Affairs Bureau pointed out that the Rehabuses offered service to 1.13 million people times last year and the 5 Rehabuses donated by Mr. Xiao will be used to serve the Tun districts (Taiping, Dali, Wufeng, Wurih), the sea-line areas(Tatu, Shalu, Longjing,Wuci,Qingshui, Dajia, Waipu, Daan), and the mountain-line and remote areas(Fengyuan, Houli, Tanzi, Daya, Shengang, Shihkang, Dongshi, Heping, Xinshe).

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