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Police Helped Starling Return Home in 24 Hours

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

A 56-year-old woman surnamed Zhu stole a starling from the home of Ms. Pan on Pinglin Road, Taiping District. Ms. Pan reported the case to the Pinglin Police Station. Police officers reviewed all the monitors and made a lot of inquiries to the households in the surrounding areas and found the stolen starling at Ms. Zhu's house. Ms. Zhu admitted she committed the crime, saying that when stealing the starling, the bird even asked her in Taiwanese, "Why are you taking me away?” The words made her feel so guilty that she could not sleep well during the night. Ms. Zhu has been transferred for further investigation for her offenses of larceny.

At around 18:00 on April 14th, Officer Zhang of Pinglin Police Station, Taiping Precinct, Taichung City Police Department received a report from a woman surnamed Pan. She said, "When I returned home after I visited some friends, I found the starling that I have kept for more than three years stolen with its cage. I hope the police can find the thief." After reviewing all the monitors in the surroundings, the police officers found a woman carrying a bird cage walking in a small alley. Thus, they searched from door to door in that neighborhood and found the stolen starling at Ms. Zhu's house in less than 24 hours at around 15:00 on April 15th.

The jobless Ms. Zhu admitted her crime and was transferred to Taichung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.

  • Date : 2015-04-29
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