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Deputy Mayor Pan Bought Disposable Heat Pads to Show Support to FHLCCAD

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Deputy Mayor Pan Bought Disposable Heat Pads to Show Support to FHLCCAD
Deputy Mayor Pan Bought Disposable Heat Pads to Show Support to FHLCCAD

For 6 years in a row,the Faith, Hope & Love, Center for Children and Adults With Disabilities (FHLCCAD) in Taichung has been introducing “eco bags” with different story themes to raise social resources for people with disabilities and their families.The theme for 2015 is “companionship” and the “eco bags” are "disposable heat pads of love."On behalf of the city government, Deputy Mayor Pan Wen-zhong (潘文忠) subscribed 10" disposable heat pads of love" on May 15. He also called on people to subscribe the "disposable heat pads of love" to show support to people with disabilities.

The FHLCCAD held a press conference in the city hall on May 15 to promote the welfare program of "disposable heat pads of love." Attending the press conference were Deputy Mayor Pan, Social Affairs Bureau Director-general Lue Jen-Der (呂建德), FHLCCAD CEO Lin Bao-zhen (林寶珍) and painter Young Ming-qin (楊名琴). In addition, four FHLCCAD students with disabilities presented this year’s eco bags in a “catwalk” manner.

Deputy Mayor Pan said, “The city government has subscribed 10‘disposable heat pads of love’ in the first round. I hope our act can prompt people from all walks of life to take actions to show support to the FHLCCAD. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and respect to the FHLCCAD for its long-time contributions to our society and provision of professional services to people with disabilities and their families.”

Lin Bao-zhen said, “I founded the FHLCCAD 21 years ago. Its mission is to take care people with disabilities, including children with autism, mental retardation, multiple disorders, and cerebral palsy. Ihope more and more people will pay attention to those ‘angels’ and give them power.”

The FHLCCAD has carefully planned its annual event by launching a different eco bag as the theme. From 2010 to 2014, it has respectively pushed out the "cute zebra bag", "angel rose bag", "dream bag", "garden bag", and "sweet gift bag" to narrate a different story for that particular year. For the "disposable heat pads of love" this year, the painting donated by painter Young Ming-qin is used as the theme, which is named “companionship".

Young Ming-qin said, “A FHLCCAD staff told me that mentally disabled children willalso grow physically from youth tomiddle age to old age, like everyone else does but their mindsremainat children's stage. Therefore, I painted adults and children in my work. It is hoped that we as adults will accompany the children more often.”

Jing Wei Co., Ltd. (精瑋有限公司) has donated 600 eco bags to the FHLCCAD every year since 2010. If you make contribution of NT$1000 or above to support the FHLCCAD, you will be given a" disposable heat pads of love" in a hoped that morepeoplewill be attractedto support the FHLCCAD, said the Social Affairs Bureau.

The 600 "disposable heat pads of love" will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis while supplies last. If you wish to donate to help people with disabilities, please contact the FHLCCAD (Tel: 04-25356240; Post Office Giro Number: 21624500), added the Social Affairs Bureau.

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