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Two Drug Sniffing Dogs on Board at 1st Precinct

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

On the evening of May 22, Zhong-Tsung, Lin(林中村), Director of 1st Precinct, Taichung City Police Department, led over 80 police officers and 2 Labrador drug sniffing dogs to probe into ballrooms, KTV parlors and other entertainment houses for drugs. It is the first time that these 2 Labrador drug sniffing dogs were on duty but they performed very well in their debut. They sniffed around every corner in the lobbies, balconies, kitchens, lounges, cabinets, sofas, and every worker and consumer inside the building.

Director Lin said, “We work with Labrador drug sniffing dogs because they are mild, friendly and more popular with people. In addition, Labradors feature the best physical strength, agility and sensitivity among all the detection dog species. The black one were named‘Kro’, while the brown one were named ‘Jimi’. Kro has an acute sense of smell. It has once sniffed out drugs hidden in the private part of a woman wearing very heavy makeup. Jimi has a gentle appearance, but at the same time, it’s careful, positive and very helpful in fighting drug trafficking, especially in the entertainment houses.”

Drug sniffing dogs must be well trained before they perform duty. For example, baby dogs must receive training in walking through mazes and getting used to loud noises such as engines, aircrafts, and firecrackers. At around 1 year old, they began to receive training in drug searching, courage testing and crossing single-plank bridges, high jump, stairs climbing, and so on. On average, only about 40% of the dogs can pass the assessments to become police dogs for drug searching, said the Police.

It is stressed that the police will continue to learn and apply advanced investigative techniques to crack down drug, prostitution, and gambling to maintain social order and a quality living environment for our citizens.

  • Date : 2015-06-29
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