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Mayor Lin Awarded Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine "Best Wine & Pride of Taichung" Plaque

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Agriculture Bureau

The Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato (埔桃酒) produced by Taichung’s Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine (樹生休閒酒莊) won gold medal from the Vinalies Internationales, a world wine competition held in Paris in 2014. It has again won a gold medal from the first round of competition in International Wine Challenge held in London in 2015. Having beaten 14,000 kinds of different wines produced by 47 countries to win the gold medal in the first round of competition, it has also won the qualification to compete with other first-prize winners from various categories in the second round of the competition, whose results will be announced on July 16.

Using the almost extinct Jingshung grapes (金香葡萄) cultivated in Houli as the main raw material, the Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato is brewed under the 10 plus years of cooperation and technology transfer between Professor Chen Qian-hao(陳千浩) of National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism and Hong Ji-pai (洪吉倍) and his son Hong Liang-jie (洪良杰), owners of the Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine. The Agriculture Bureau of Taichung City Government subsidized the Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine to purchase the world's most advanced bladder-type grape pressing equipment in 2014 and a team of French technicians will fly to Taiwan on July 20, 2015 to assist in wine brewing. It is expected that they will bring in more advanced brewing knowledge and technology.

On the afternoon of July 13, Mayor Lin Jia-long and Director-general of Agriculture Bureau Wang Jun-xiong (王俊雄) visited the Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine and awarded its owners a plaque inscribed with such Chinese words as "Best Wine & Pride of Taichung". The Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato has since 2013 won 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals (*Note) in the world wine competitions held in such countries as France and Italy and others. Its superior quality has been unanimously accredited by the world-renowned professionals. A local wine from Taichung, the Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato is a supreme glory of agricultural products from Taiwan and deserves applause and praise.


Silver medal, Vinalies Internationales Paris 2013

Gold medal, Vinalies Internationales Paris 2014

Gold medal, VinAgora — Hungary World Wine Competition 2014

Gold medal, Mudus Vini — Germany World Wine Competition 2014

Silver medal, Bacchus — Spain World Wine Competition 2014

Gold medal, London International Wine Challenge 2015

Silver medal, San Francisco International Wine Competition 2015

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