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Police Officers Saved Same Suicidal Person Twice

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

On July 12, police officers from Shengang Police Station, Fengyuan Precinct, Police Department of Taichung City Government (臺中市政府警察局豐原分局神岡分駐所)received a report that someone seemed to commit suicide inside a car parking on Sanming Road in Shengang District. The police officers rushed to the scene and found that Liu○ Shan (柳○山) was attempting to kill himself by using a hose to lead exhaust gas into the interior of his car. Our police officers opened the car door and cardiopulmonary monary resuscitation (CPR) to Mr. Liu right away. Fortunately, Mr. Liu resumed consciousness pretty soon. To protect his safety, our police officers brought Mr. Liu back to our police station for custody, because Mr. Liu had tried to kill himself at 01:14 on the same day by using the same motor vehicle gas suicide method on Shenqin Road in Shengang District.

At the police station, our police officers asked Mr. Liu why he tried to end his own life. Mr. Liu replied that because of a criminal case, he was arrested by our officers in May, transferred to Taichung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation, and released on bail recently. Worrying that his elderly mother might learn of his criminal case when the court documents were sent to his home in Taitung, he decided to kill himself.

Our police officers told Mr. Liu that he is a man of filial piety but killing himself would definitely make his aged mother feel sad and that he must go slowly and steadily in reaching his long-term goals of life and that the current bad mood will go away sooner or later.

After the conversation, Mr. Liu was persuaded to contact his families to escort him back to Taitung. Our police officers also asked Taichung City Mental Health Center to send social workers to offer psychological counseling service to Mr. Liu in the meantime.

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