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Seminar to Exchange Views on Climate Change Adjustment Policy Held at Feng Chia University

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

Under the subsidy by Environmental Protection Administration, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government is assigned to identify key areas in Taichung City for climate change adjustment, assess their vulnerability, and formulate adjustment strategies for those areas in 2015. A seminar to review the research result was held at the Feng Chia University on October 14.

Guests attending the seminar for "Taichung City Climate Change Adjustment Program” included Pan Wen-chung (潘文忠), Deputy Mayor of Taichung City; Hung Cheng-zhong (洪正中), Director-general of Environmental Protection Bureau; Huang Chong-dian (黄崇典), CEO of Low-carbon Office; Lee Byung-qian (李秉乾), President of Feng Chia University; and experts and scholars from the related fields. Xu Xi-cheng (徐旭誠), Senior Technical Specialist of National Development Council, was invited to deliver the keynote speech on the "Mechanisms for Planning and Implementation of Climate Change Adjustment Policy."

Deputy Mayor Pan pointed out that environmental change and climate change have been bringing in long-term impact on our environment and countries and cities in the whole world must work together to "mitigate" the impact by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and help their own people "adjust" or “adapt” to the unavoidable climate change. “We have thus commission the Feng Chia University and other scholars and experts to formulate the ‘mitigation’ and ‘adjustment’ strategies for Taichung City,” added Deputy Mayor Pan.

The outcome report on "Taichung City Climate Change Adjustment Program" aimed to make all sectors of experts and scholars, representatives and students more aware of the environmental conditions facing Taichung City and the coping strategies that have been formulated. It also aimed to exchange views with participants, so that people can help the city government perform better during the "mitigation" and "adjustment" process in the future.

Deputy Mayor Pan said that Mayor Lin Chia-lung has paid a great attention to the formulation of “Taichung City Climate Change Adjustment Policy.” “He has already enrolled himself to the Global Mayor Alliance of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), and led a delegation to attend the ICLEI World Congress held in Seoul in April this year. Mayor Lin hopes that we make adequate preparations before a disaster hits, reduce the vulnerability of the city, enhance the resilience of the city, turn Taichung into a most livable city and continue to advance towards sustainable development,” added Deputy Mayor Pan.

President Lee of Feng Chia University said, “Mayor Lin is really visionary in proposing to build Taichung into a livable city. As climate change has become a part of our life, we must ‘adjust’ ourselves to it by evaluating and managing the risk, enhancing the resilience of our city, and getting prepared for any disaster. I am very glad that the Feng Chia University is commissioned by the city government to conduct this research to help build Taichung into a sustainable livable city. This is also an important model for a university to support urban development.”

  • Date : 2015-10-21
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