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Concerned about high-risk youths, watching the movie “Warmth” accompanied by Deputy Mayor Pan

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Concerned about high-risk youths, watching the movie “Warmth” accompanied by Deputy Mayor Pan
Concerned about high-risk youths, watching the movie “Warmth” accompanied by Deputy Mayor Pan

To eliminate illegal exploitation and allow children and adolescents grow up soundly under social care, the Social Affairs Bureau of the Taichung City Government invited families of high-risk youths on February 17 to watch the sexual exploitation prevention movie “Warmth,” a story describing social workers helping teenagers that lost their paths return to society. The film is based on a true story. Deputy Mayor Pan also accompanied the movie. He said that, in addition to laws, through all forces together, he hoped to prevent unfortunate events from occurring providing children and youths with a friendly environment.

The Social Affairs Bureau held the “Warmth” special screening today at SHIN KONG CINEMAX, SHIN KONGMITSUKOSHI in Taichung and invited the families of adolescents who were serviced by the Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung District Prosecutors Office, Yunlin Education and Nursing Institution, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Garden of Hope Foundation, and other relevant units as a total of about 240 participants. Deputy Mayor Pan, Social Affairs Bureau Director Lu Chien-Te, Social Affairs Bureau Deputy Director Chen Chung-Liang, movie director Chen Yu-Chieh, etc. all attended to accompany the children.

“Little Yi (alias),” an individual case of the Social Affairs Bureau, is 15 years old this year. Her parents got divorced during her childhood. Her father had a drinking habit, and often gave Little Yi verbal abuse and physical violence after drinking. She was influenced by her peers and ran away from home. Due to no money and the cost of living, surprisingly, she used the Internet for sex trafficking. The police rescued her later, and with social workers’ assistance, she brought out the expertise in fine art and went over the work, enjoyed.

Little Yi drew a fine picture of the Year of the Monkey, and the social worker on behalf of her presented it to Deputy Mayor Pan at the special screening today. Deputy Mayor Pan sent a cute rabbit doll in return. The atmosphere was very warm.

Deputy Mayor Pan indicated that Taichung City receives around 50 cases of child and youth sexual exploitation every year. Hope that public attention could be increased on related issues through the movie “Warmth” and also make adults understand how to provide children and youths with a friendly environment through various measures and channels.

Deputy Mayor Pan pointed out that Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act was enacted and promulgated in 1995, and amended as “Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act” at the beginning of 2015. However, “the law is not sufficient on its own,” we still need the force of all circles together to prevent related issues and truly protect our children.

The Department of Protective Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare delegated the new director Chen Yu-Chieh, Epic Entertainment who won the Golden Horse Award to shoot the film “Warmth.” The film is divided into two segments; the first relating a narrative film, and the second describing a documentary short subject. The Social Affairs Bureau invited the individual cases and social workers to talk of their personal experiences and wake up public attention on criminal issues of child and youth sexual exploitation through victims depicting events personally.

The Social Affairs Bureau noted that regardless of the family, social environment, and media culture, all have the responsibility to protect children and youths from illegal exploitation. We must work together to create a friendly environment where children and youths could grow up soundly.

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