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Family Picnic Day Mayor Lin Enjoys Fun Time with Kids

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Family Picnic Day   Mayor Lin Enjoys Fun Time with Kids
Family Picnic Day Mayor Lin Enjoys Fun Time with Kids

Today (7), the Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government arranged “Family Picnic Day” at Taichung Civic Square, an activity that hopes to bring parents and children closer together through “reading, sharing, and playing together”. Mayor Lin Chia-lung stated that he is a great lover of children’s books, and reading sessions between parents and children is a great activity that encourages imagination. Mayor Lin hopes that every week, families will be able to gather for a picnic and spend time enjoy reading together.

Mayor Lin stated that Taichung City Government has been selected by CNN as one of the most livable cities. Apart from natural elements including weather and air, the government is devoted to providing good education for children and to the care of social welfare.

The Social Affairs Bureau set up an area for daycare and booths providing information on childcare, explaining the related welfare policies brought out by the government. The Social Affairs Bureau stated that there are currently 5 childcare facilities in Taichung, including Northern Ying Cai Center for Women and Children, Dali House for Children and Teens, Shalu Children’s House, Fengyuan Huludun Parental House , and Dajia Women Center. These institutions provide reading materials and toys for children, in additions to parental courses. These institutions are great for parents with children up to 3 years old.

“Family Picnic Day” includes four themed areas: “Activity Stage”, “Story Stage”, “Characteristic Sharing Market Place”, and “Parental Fun Activities”. 15 exciting programs and activities and 38 local experiences are also provided, welcoming families across the country to share and enjoy quality time between parents and children at Taichung Civic Square!Apart from fun activities for children, there is also a “Reading Advise Booth”, with Deputy Director Chang Shu Qiong of Educating, Parenting, Family, Lifestyle Magazine , senior lecturer Lin Shi Ying of Little Big Picture Book Library, and reading instructor Lin Yi Chen on site to listen to the parents’ needs when choosing books for children and to give out advice. These experts also provide parents with fun and easy book lists and tips to an enjoyable reading session.

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