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Department of Consumer Protection Announces Results of Quality Tests and Labeling Checks for Children’s Tents

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Legal Affairs Bureau

To protect consumers’ rights and interests, the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) under the Executive Yuan examined 19 children’s tents available on the market. Only one of the 19 tents was found not to conform to safety regulations. As for labeling, however, 11 of the 19 were found not to conform to regulations. The DCP has requested the competent authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to urge the various county and city governments to handle the matter according to the law.

The children’s tents commonly sold on the market are classed as a kind of toy. There are many different styles, and they are popular among children and parents alike. However, in the United States, there was a recall of such tents after a tent window entrapped a child’s head and suffered a strangling injury. Moreover, the DCP, through the “You Recommend We Test Zone” on its website, had received recommendations from consumers to conduct quality tests on children’s tents. In August 2014, the DCP had staff purchase at random 19 children’s tents on-line and from different dealers in Taipei City and New Taipei City. It commissioned the Taiwan Children’s Commodities R&D Center (TCC) to test each tent based on relevant standards set forth in CNS4797 Safety of Toys (General Requirements), such as fire resistance (e.g., does it contain celluloid nitrate?), physical requirements (does it have sharp edges, small parts, ropes, etc.?), chemical composition (are there any heavy metals or plasticizers?), and electromotive requirements. The TCC also examined the labeling. The results of the quality tests and labeling inspections are as follows:

A.Quality test results: the chemical composition for one of the tents revealed the presence of 12.89% plasticizer—far more than the CNS upper-limit standard of 0.1%.

B.Labeling inspection results: 11 tents were out of conformance, mainly for the following reasons:

1.General labeling:

(1)Fonts of warning and precaution messages smaller than 5 x 5 mm: 6 tents.

(2)Inaccurately labeled information on manufacturers or importers: 5 tents.

(3)Lack of indication of appropriate age group: 3 tents.

(4)Lack of instructions or precautions: 3 tents.

(5)Lack of warnings or special warnings: 3 tents.

2.Commodity inspection marks:

(1)No mark: 3 tents.

(2)False marks: 3 tents.

3.Lack of the warning message, “Warning! Keep away from ignition sources”: 2 tents.

The DCP wishes to remind consumers that they should pay attention to the following things when buying a children’s tent, in order to prevent any injury:

1.Buy a product with commodity inspection marks.

2.Note whether it has detailed labels in Chinese.

3.Read the labels and instructions on appropriate age group, precautions, warnings, and proper use.

4.Provide your child with an age-appropriate toy.

5.It would be best if a parent is always present and watching when a child plays inside the tent.

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