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Constructing the capital of volunteers – Taichung City held a volunteers’ fair

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
打造志工首都 中市府辦志工趣味園遊會

The Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government held the “Taichung City Fun Sports Day” earlier today(27). It has attracted more the 1,500 volunteers from different parts of Taichung to join this sports gathering at Dali Sports Park. Mayor Lin Chia-lung also attended the games to challenge the volunteers in the event “Bat Strike” to demonstrate the enthusiasm and energy of volunteers.

The sports day was hosted by Mayor Lin Chia-lung, who also presented the awards to the fun games to elder volunteers. Director General Lu Chian-de of the Social Affairs Bureau, Councilor Li Bi-xiu of the City Council also joined the games with enthusiasm. Mayor Lin also participated some of the events himself, representing the volunteers team of Legal Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government to compete with the environment volunteers from Hulu Community in “Bat Strike.” He tried striking baseballs made with newspaper, enjoying plenty of fun.

In the games, there were the events of volunteers gathering, fun competitions, a fair, and more. In the venue, 64 volunteer teams participated in four fun competitions. 26 communities have provided their “moms’ dishes.” In addition, there were a fair with stalls selling creative cultural products, and more. It also invited volunteers groups with concern on traveling, gay issues, and more to deliver speeches. The events were very exciting, attracting many people’s support and participation.

Mayor Lin Chia-lung expressed that, since stepping onto his office, he has been endeavoring to building Taichung into a capital of volunteers. The number of volunteers in Taichung City rose from 80, 000 to 92,455 this year. In the World Floral Expo 2018 and East Asian Youth Games 2019, help from plenty of volunteers will be needed. Therefore, Taichung City Government has planned to establish the international non-governmental organization (iNGO). It is expected that with the professional volunteers’ training, future visitors in Taichung will feel that “the most beautiful landscapes in Taiwan are people” in order to promote Taichung to the international arena.

The Social Affairs Bureau expressed that, in order to allow residents see different facets of volunteer services, happy stage shows were arranged in today’s activities. Omurice Band and Zebra Prince were invited to present live music performances. The International Volunteers Society of National Chung Hsin University were invited to share their experiences of volunteer works overseas, hoping to attract more young people to join volunteer work.

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