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TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day – Janet from 《Fun Taiwan》will have fun with everyone

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government

“TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day” will be launched at Summer Green Park opposite to National Taichung Theater on December 10th. On the event day, in addition to Janet from 《Fun Taiwan》and Soac & Joel from 《Kitchen Cook-Off》on TLC will be attending, mayor Chia-Lung Lin will also join to prepare the cuisines and demonstrate his culinary skills by challenging incorporating sun cakes into the cuisine, thereby creating the special flavor of Taichung.

As pointed out by the Information Bureau of Taichung City Government, Taichung City has been praised by CNN, the internationally famous media, as the city most suitable for living, with an annual average temperature of 23℃ and lovely weather all year round. It not only has abundant natural resources and mountains as well as ocean sceneries such as Gaomei Wetland, Kukuan Hot Spring and DaKeng Hiking Trail, but also art and cultural sites including National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Rainbow Village, which all demonstrate the city’s cultural living charisma.

The “TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day” this time persists in the three main thematic elements of the channel – Travel, Life and Cuisine, as well as introducing Taichung’s artistic elements to develop the various diversified stage performance events and characteristic vendors. Janet from 《Fun Taiwan》on TLC will enjoy authentic delicacies with the public on site, as well as challenge the recently very popular mannequin game together.

Moreover, Golden Bell Awards winners Soac & Joel from 《Kitchen Cook-Off》will further show off their skills, inviting Taichung’s eSports team《Flash Wolves》to quickly prepare the sauce for the lazy ones. Band performances are also arranged on the day, surrounded by many characteristic vendors including LOHAS light food, printing experience and hand developing photos, offering delicacies, fun and it is ideal to kill time, allowing the public to enjoy even more in the wonderful picnic hours with strong art and cultural sentiment.

As of today, tag at least 3 Facebook friends and make a post to invite them to join “12/10 TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day”, where one draw ticket may be claimed by showing the screen on your mobile phone on the picnic day at the reception counter on site, and you will have the opportunity to win accommodation and hot spring experience coupons worth the value of NT$50 thousand at Fresh fields.

The Information Bureau indicated that “TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day” will be held from 10:00am till 5:00pm on December 10th. There will be diversified splendid stage performances and characteristic vendors, fusing Taichung’s cultural and art nature, together with the TLC Travel, Life and Cuisine elements, where everyone is invited to join and enjoy the fun of art. TLC travel life channel devotes in the promotion of no-trace picnics, encouraging the public to bring their own containers, not to dispose garbage at free will and implement garbage categorization, so as to jointly reduce the carbon footprint for picnics, and to make a contribution towards earth environmental protection. Please refer to the event website (www.tlc-tw.com) for more details on “TLC Taichung Fresh Picnic Day”.

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