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The Economic Development Bureau offers new travel options for the spring: Easy, creative, and cultural travel to explore lacquer and wooden art in Fengyuan

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government

To promote the charm of Fengyuan’s lacquer and wooden art and support revitalization of traditional crafts, the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government first launched “A creative and cultural easy travel to Fengyuan for art appreciation” with the concept of the local industry and culture gallery, planning an itinerary to invite visitors to ride bicycles, play with wood and appreciate lacquer art, etc. This 20th, the Economic Development Bureau went to Fengyuan to have a field visit to ensure a smooth itinerary, hoping to create a travel guide for the spring and to drive the development of local featured industries.

The field visit on the 20th by the Economic Development Bureau aims to explore the itinerary for the travel guide including activities like making wooden chopsticks in the DIY Workshop of Carpenter, getting to know how lumber is made in Sun Young Lumber Products and how miso is made in the Miso Cultural Factory. According to the Economic Development Bureau, to promote Fengyuan’s local features, the bureau arranged a short trip “Riding bicycle and Playing with lacquer” and would print the travel guide for the spring, allowing visitors to know more about local industries and culture.

The creative and cultural easy travel starts from new Fengyuan Train Station and combines with newly-established iBike and surrounding featured stores so visitors can leisurely ride bicycles, experience wooden art and DIY creation of lacquer, taste delicious pastries, visit Miso Cultural Factory, etc. The whole trip connects many industries including humanities and arts, leisure and tourism, re-integrating upstream and downstream industrial chains of local lacquer and wooden art with rich local features.

The Economic Development Bureau points out that Fengyuan is on the intersection of the TRA Old Mountain Line and Dongshi Branch Line (used to carry lumber). After the old railway was removed, Taichung County Government planned two bike lanes known as Houfeng and Tanyashen bike lanes with lacquer and wooden art industry around the lanes. Fengyuan used to be a key place of Taiwan’s lacquer and wooden art and was abound in tableware made from natural wood and had unique cultural tourism features. Therefore, the City Government expects to revitalize Fengyuan’s local industries through this planned itinerary combining with iBike, cultural industries and local delicacies. Visitors are highly welcome to pay a visit.

According to the Economic Development Bureau, visitors can go to Industrial the development division of the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government and a wide array of local stores in Fengyuan to get travel guide including: Shanmu Limited, Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art, Center of Woodwork Technology And Innovation, Yilinshe Studio, CHERIS Limited, Shanshuitingming wooden and lacquer art workshop, Sun Young Lumber Products, Sylvia Technical Classroom, Ema Photo Wedding, Fengyuan Ciji Temple, Carpenter, Pacific Department Store, Gourd House, Xiaomage bicycle rental, Miso Cultural Factory and Fengyuan Qiaosheng Xianshi temple, etc.

  • Date : 2017-02-10
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