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Developing the film and television industry – Information Bureau of Taichung City Government subsidizes filming and achieving outstanding results

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
發展影視產業 中市新聞局補助拍片取景成果亮眼

Taichung City assisted filmmakers to produce movie “Godspeed” and television drama “A Touch of Green” last year, both received acknowledgement in the form of major awards. Furthermore, movie “Lokah Laqi” received Premio CIAL per l'ambiente at the Giffoni Film Festival and Children’s Jury Award at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, demonstrating outstanding achievements. In addition, the Information Bureau designed 25 screening events across the city with the theme of “Animation in Rural Areas” in order to promote outstanding domestic/international animations. The events drew over 15,000 participants and were well received. This year, Information Bureau will also strive to obtain budget in order to continue holding the touring movie screening event.

Last year, Taichung City Film Committee approved subsidies to 10 filmmakers, where 119 films were produced through one filming assistance window in 488 shooting occasions. According to Information Bureau, when the outstanding films were completed and screened, they proved to be so popular that they received numerous domestic and overseas film awards, in turn introducing Taichung City’s magnificent sceneries to the globe and increasing the city’s international visibility considerably. Furthermore, by subsidizing filmmakers, the development momentum of Taichung City’s television and film industry can be sustained and accelerated in conjunction with the opening of Central Taiwan Film Studio in the future.

With over 80% of the film shot in the Huanshan Village of Heping District, “Lokah Laqi” is a movie directed by emerging director Chieh-yao Chen and inspired by the story of indigenous life. In total, the film received 5 major awards at the 2016 Taipei Film Festival, including “One in a Million Award”, “Best Plot”, “Best Direction”, “Best Editing” and “Best Emerging Actor”. Moreover, it also received Premio CIAL per l'ambiente at the Giffoni Film Festival and Children’s Jury Award at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Last year, Information Bureau hosted the “Taichung Fun-in Movie Festival - Animation in Rural Areas”, screening a collection of popular animation films including “Minions”, “Inside Out”, “Zootopia” and “The Little Prince” in indoor and outdoor venues citywide for the public’s viewing pleasure. During the event, interesting activities such as stamp collection, lucky draw and free snacks were conducted, and filmmakers were invited to discuss the educational and cultural meaning behind the movie. The ultimate aim is to enhance the movie culture of Taichung.

Information Bureau suggests that facilitating the development of the city’s television and film industry by subsidizing filmmakers and other measures not only help attract filmmakers to shoot their movies in Taichung City but also introduce culture, tourism and economy related benefits. In addition, movie screening activities in various districts make movies, arts and recreation part of people’s lives, thus every effort is made to complete the television and film industry chain through the production end to the consumer end, in turn transforming Taichung City into the most film-friendly city in Taiwan.

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