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Taichung City Government “Family Hall”: One Hall per District – Ideal Venue for Family Interactions

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

Taichung City Government is promoting the “One stop creche and babysitting” policy, where children from years 0 to 6 will receive childcare subsidy each month in order to alleviate the parents’ burden. At the same time, in order to provide them with more time to interact with their children after work, the aim is to reach the goal of “One hall per district” by building “Family Halls” every year. In particular, childcare resource centers in Haixian and Dajia will be upgraded to Family Halls this year and the following year respectively, providing parents in Haixian area with more alternative venues to enjoy in family interactions.

City Councilors Tien-chung Yang and Nai-kuan Chang Liao expressed concerns about the Family Hall during today’s routine interrogation at the City Council. According to Councilor Yang, children population between ages 0 and 14 account for 14.79% of the city’s total population, with many of them being infants. Since happiness starts from accompaniment, and there are only 5 Family Halls in Taichung at the moment, the Councilors advised the City Government to strive for the goal of one hall per district in order to provide parents with more opportunities to keep their children company while growing up.

According to Social Affairs Bureau Director Chien-te Lu, the City Government aims to alleviate the parents’ burden in childcare through the “One stop creche and babysitting” policy as well as provide parents with more time to accompany their children after work, therefore Family Hall will be constructed every year with the target of one hall per district. In particular, childcare resource centers in Haixian (370 m2) and Dajia (347 m2) will be upgraded to Family Hall this year and next year respectively.

Director Lu indicates that the Family Halls are designed with the developmental needs of different aged children in mind in order to offer preschool children with adequate space and facility for playing and other activities. In addition, diverse events and parenting courses have been designed for parents, while a comfortable, safe playground environment is created to foster a strong family bond and allow the parents to keep their children company.

Furthermore, Director Lu also suggests that besides progressively building Family Halls every year, the City Government also owns 5 mobile crèche and babysitting vans that are capable of bringing resources such as teaching aids, toys and books to remote townships for the convenience of local families.

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