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Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled VIFO table tennis team participates in ITTF Para Table Tennis Spanish Open – Deputy Mayor Lin presents the team with flag during ceremony

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
中福維他露球隊前進西班牙參賽 林副市長授旗

Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled VIFO table tennis team will be traveling to Spain to participate in the ITTF Para Table Tennis Spanish Open on June 6 and return on June 16. The team consists of 11 athletes and 2 staff members, who will be striving to win top honors and absorb competitive experience on international level. Furthermore, they will also take the opportunity to train national athletes to represent Taiwan in the 2018 World Para Table Tennis Championships. Deputy Mayor I-ying Lin expressed her gratitude to those who have supported parasports, and Taichung City will also construct a sports center exclusively for the disabled community. She also wished the athletes Godspeed and return to Taiwan with top honors.

Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled conducted the flag-presentation ceremony and press conference on June 1, where Deputy Mayor Lin personally presented the flag accompanied by Sports Bureau Director-general Ching-tang Wang. Moreover, dignitaries including City Councilor Ching-lung Chen, Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled President Chi-lin Huang, VIFO CEO Chih-hsiang Hou and Jen Kuang Care Association President Yang-chu Su all came together to encourage the athletes, while representatives from the office of Legislator Wan-chien Chang Liao as well as City Councilors Wen-hai He and Cheng-tien Chen also paid their compliments at the lively event.

According to Deputy Mayor Lin, the City Government is pulling out all the stops in promoting parasports by constructing a sports venue that are custom-designed for disabled people. In the future, there will be a sports center created exclusively for disabled people, marking an important milestone in the development of parasports in Taichung City. She also thanked everyone for their support in elevating parasports to another level.

According to Sports Bureau Director-general Ching-tang Wang, the City Government has allocated budget to improve existing sports venues and make them accessible. In order to create sports facilities that can accommodate the needs of disabled people, a sports center exclusive for disabled people is currently being designed. Once the venue is inaugurated, it is believed that we will be able to provide disabled people with a better sports environment.

City Councilor Ching-lung Chen expressed his recognition towards the City Government for paying attention to parasports needs. After the Sports Bureau was formed this year, the City Government’s efforts in promoting parasports have become evident. He wished the Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled VIFO table tennis team good luck in Spain and the successful hosting of “Taichung Para Table Tennis Open” at Providence University from July 16 to 19 by the City Government.

Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled President Chi-lin Huang expressed his appreciation to the City Government, elected representatives, VIFO, Jen Kuang Care Association and Leh Cherng Temple for supporting parasports. He also felt grateful for VIFO’s long term support of the team, as well as the contributions by volunteer coaches, umpires and ball volunteers over the years in making the team’s outstanding achievement possible.

The Sports Bureau indicated that Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled formed the first sports organization dedicated to the promotion of recreational and competitive sports for the disabled people in the country in 1986. The team provides disabled people with an opportunity and environment for training their fitness and engaging in social participation; thanks to the support from the public, it has won countless awards in various competitions worldwide, demonstrating excellent performance.

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