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No. 850 bus launches tomorrow – Taichung Station to Houfeng Bikeway in only 40 minutes

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
No. 850 bus launches tomorrow – Taichung Station to Houfeng Bikeway in only 40 minutes
No. 850 bus launches tomorrow – Taichung Station to Houfeng Bikeway in only 40 minutes

The widely popular Taichung Donfeng Bike Green Corridor and Houfeng Bikeway are now reachable by bus! Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government’s new “Taichung Station-Guguan” no. 850 tourist bus departs from Taichung Station, passes through National Highway No. 1 and No. 4, stops at the intersection between the entrances of Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeway and ends at Guguan. The bus was launched on the 28th, offering free transportation for the first 3 days. According to Mayor Chia-lung Lin, augmenting Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeway Station for the no. 850 bus demonstrates the city government’s resolve in preserving the Dongfeng Green Corridor. The city government will also modify the construction method of Dongfeng Expressway in order to create a win-win situation and achieve the best tourism benefits.

The Fengyuan Bus route 850 launch press conference was hosted by Mayor Lin and attended by City Councilors Ching-lung Chen and Mei-chun Weng as well as Transportation Bureau Director I-chuan Wang, Heping District Executive Chien-tang Lin and numerous local residents to welcome the inauguration of the new bus route.

Mayor Lin commented that Shancheng offers abundant tourism resources including various types of fruits as well as Hakka and indigenous cultures, therefore creating a tourist corridor should begin by integrating bus service and bikeways. No. 850 bus is a much anticipated route among the local communities, as it has tremendous influence on Shancheng’s developments. The route passes through the starting point of Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeway to complement the tourist route planned in order to demonstrate the administration’s determination in retaining the Dongfeng Bikeway Green Corridor. In the future, the public can board no. 850 bus at the train station or no. 153 bus at the THSR station to reach Houfeng and Dongfeng Bikeway. After cycling, visitors can also head to Guguan to enjoy hot spring, thereby reaping the benefits of the new, convenient bus route.

In regards to the difference in public opinion about Dongfeng Expressway, Mayor Lin suggested that the city government’s stance is consistent with that of the public’s. Dongfeng Expressway has become a highly anticipated project for the residents of Shancheng; previously, people have raised concerns about the considerable environmental impact of boring tunnels, thus after assuming post as the mayor, Mayor Lin ordered a separate environmental impact assessment study, and the report recommended relocating some of the route construction to the riverbank of Dajia River in order to avoid seismic zones and geologically fragile zones. As a result, a section of the route will pass through some relatively more populous areas. Nonetheless, it is imperative to preserve the integrity of the bikeway green corridor, and the city government will pursue most suitable construction method. Rest stops will be created along the bikeway to improve tourism quality and ensure the public’s peace of mind.

Transportation Bureau Director I-chuan Wang indicated that after the new no. 850 route commences service, a total of 106 buses will travel to and from Guguan every day. This is the first time that the Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeways are accessible by bus, therefore citizens traveling to Dongfeng and Houfeng no longer have to drive, while foreign backpackers will also be able to take the no. 850 bus from the train station to enjoy cycling in the future, in turn saving a great deal of time. No. 850 route is the pioneering route of Yamanote Line’s Rainbow Line; after the traffic volume increases in the future, it may be incorporated into the Foresight Program.

According to the Transportation Bureau, originally only one bus route connected Taichung City to Guguan – No. 153 route, which departs from THSR Taichung Station and passes through the highway, expressway to reach Heping and Guguan, making it an extremely popular route among local residents and tourists. By augmenting the No. 850 tourist bus that departs from Taichung Station, passes through National Highway No. 1 and No. 4, as well as the bypass of downtown Shigang and Dongshi, the situation where the lack of bus route along Mingde Road was remedied, and residents of Heping District traveling to and from Taichung Station can also enjoy direct transportation without having to change transport.

In addition, by taking the highway, driving from Taichung Station to Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeway entrance only requires 40 minutes, offering the citizens with a new, speedy alternative. At the same time, people also do not have to search for parking spaces, while tourists arriving from other municipalities by train can organize their itineraries that integrate “train”, “bus” and “bicycle” in order to enjoy a leisurely tour of the Shancheng region.

The Transportation Bureau commented that no. 850 bus drives pass the intersection between Dongfeng and Houfeng Bikeways in the Shancheng region, meaning that after cycling, visitors can take the bus to Shigang Lovers’ Wooden Bridge and Shi Shui Ke Leisure Farm to taste the honey ice cream that is produced and sold by local beekeepers. Moreover, they can enjoy unique TaiPower Popsicle in Bai Leng, not to mention the breathtaking scenery along Dajia River. At night, visitors can savor sturgeon feast in Guguan and take advantage of local accommodation to plan their relaxing 2-day tour in Taichung’s Shancheng region.

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