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Sejima Kazuyo, the architect of Taichung Green Museumbrary visited Taichung City Government. Mayor Lin praises her design to be stunning and special.

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
中市綠美圖建築師妹島和世拜會中市府 林市長肯定設計創作驚艷特別

Located in Shuinan Smart City, Taichung Green Museumbrary connected the Taichung City Library and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts to offer the functions of reading, displaying, and guided-touring. It will shoulder the responsibility of promoting reading and art development in Taichung City. It will also help integrate the libraries and art exhibition spaces in various districts, estimated to be opened in 2021. On the 4th, the Pulitzer prize winning architects and the designers of Taichung Green Museumbrary Sejima Kazuyo, Nishizawa Ryūe, and an international renowned art curator Yuko Hasegawa visited Lin Chia-lung, the Mayor of Taichung City to discuss related design ideas. Mayor Lin acclaimed the planning and multiple creativity of the Taichung Green Museumbrary Project. He hopes that when it will be finished it can attract more people to visit and use the facilities in this zone. The profound and creative space here will bring people whole new experiences.

Sejima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Ryūe, Japanese architects, and Yuko Hasegawa, an international renowned art curator visited Lin Chia-lung, the Mayor of Taichung City to explicate the related plans and the principles of future management regarding the design of Taichung Green Museumbrary Project. In this meeting, Huang Yu-Lin, the Director-General of Construction Bureau, Wang Chi-cheng, the Director-General Cultural Affairs Bureau, Liao Wan-ju, the Deputy Director of Chimei Museum and the wife of Mayor Lin, Ricky Liu, an architect, and more attended. They exchanged ideas on the design and management strategies, hoping to draft the management strategy for the museumbaray when it is opened in the future.

Yuko Hasegawa, an international renowned art curator expressed that Taichung Green Museumbrary constructs a public space with new concepts to connect the spaces of the museum and library with a special and refined design. Integrating the functions of “enjoying and experiencing various cultures together” and “searching and absorbing new personal knowledge and information”, it derives another kind of space to allow sense and sensibility to cycle and converse between one and other. It is it major appeals and features, hoping to allow visitors to feel the atmosphere of art. At the same time, it also intends to render art as the common syntax for the architectures. Motivating people’s creativity, it also aims to promote people in pursuing more knowledge of art with more curiosity.

Mayor Lin gave the ideas of the design of Taichung Green Museumbrary high acclaims. He praised that the design is prolific and diverse, different from the single function of traditional libraries and museums. He believes when it is completed in the future, it will provide people with whole new experience, attracting local and foreign visitors to come and enjoy the infinite creativity.

Mayor Lin also mentioned that Taichung is the center of intelligent machine in Taiwan. Located at Shuinan Smart City, in addition to Taichung Green Museumbrary, Digital Operation Center, Central Taiwan Film Center, and other architectures surrounding the Museumbrary are under design to construct a full-scale smart city. Taichung City Government endeavors to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture to promote the ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) project to develop an national class film, TV, and digital contents creative base and performance center. It is estimated to become a film center and diverse film, TV, leisure, education and promotion space in central Taiwan.

Ms. Liao Wan-ju, the Deputy Director of Chimei Museum and the wife of Mayor Lin, also takes pleasure in seeing the innovative design of the Green Museumbrary to be rooted in Taichung City. She gives high acclaim to the spatial utilization of the design. It gives people opportunities to see the features in the Museumbrary and the creativity inspired by it. Connecting these factors, it will create a benign cycle of art and creation. Ricky Liu, an important Taichung architect, mentioned that Yuko Hasegawa, an international renowned art curator is not only familiar with art curating in museums but also experienced in museum administration. In the future, Taichung City Government can conducts more frequent exchange with her as references for the management in the future.

Urban Development Bureau expressed that Taichung Green Museumbrary is the first public architecture of the Pulitzer prize winning architects Sejima Kazuyo in Taichung. The entire building is co-designed by Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA in Japan and Ricky Liu & Associates Architects+Planners in Taiwan. In the plan, there will be 8 white architectures with the height from 12 meters to 48 meters, either round or square in shape. The space at the first floor of each building will be connected. Through the corridors people can access different buildings freely. It is an architecture that integrate the functions of a library and a museum, aiming to construct the space into “the library in the park and the museum in the woods.”

The spaces in the museumbrary interlinks together, satisfying the spatial needs and uses of different ages and groups. With the design of arts in a library and a library within a museum, both halls are independent as well as interconnected to achieve the goal of space sharing and additive cross-over values. To display the library in a park and the museum in a forest, part of the spaces are located on the ground. Meanwhile other parts of it are hanging in the space, constituting a cool and comfortable environment. And the semi-outdoor entrance is located in the middle of both architectures. In the future, people can visit the square at ground level freely to participate in diverse activities.

  • Date : 2017-07-13
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