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Another bikeway launched in Taichung City – Mayor Lin praises the new Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Another bikeway launched in Taichung City – Mayor Lin praises the new Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway
Another bikeway launched in Taichung City – Mayor Lin praises the new Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway

Taichung City Government continues to construct the 600 km citywide bikeway through the “Cycling 369” project. In particular, phase one of Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway was completed in March 24. At 1.44 km long, it not only serves as a bikeway but also recreational and exercise space for the citizens. In the future, it will be joined to the nearby attractions, including Asia University Museum of Modern Art, 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan and Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden etc. According to Mayor Chia-ling Lin, the new bikeway adopts the pedestrian and vehicle segregation design that blends into the surrounding trees and river landscape, making it a stunning recreational location that is highly recommended to citizens.

Mayor Lin inspected the Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway accompanied by Tourism Office Director Shen-shan Chen on the 8th, other dignitaries such as City Councilors Tien-sheng Li, Pi-hsiu Lin, Fen-yu Chang and Tsang-i Chang also visited the bikeway. Numerous citizens greeted Mayor Lin enthusiastically along the way, creating a bustling ambiance.

“The happiest image is seeing grandpas and grannies brining their grandchildren here to ride bicycles or take a stroll!” Expressed Mayor Lin. The completion of the 1.44 km long bikeway offers another great place for citizens to enjoy leisure time. In the future, the city government will continue to afforest and beautify the environment, while the Gan River and mountain line bikeways will be incorporated into phase two of the construction and linked to the Dali Caohu River riverside bikeway in order to cater to local expectations.

Mayor Lin pointed out that Dongfeng Bikeway and Tanyashen Bikeway are nominated as among the top 10 recreational bikeways in Taiwan. It is believed that the new Caohu River riverside bikeway will become another integral part of the bikeway corridor in Taichung City.

Mayor Lin believes that cycling is not just a recreation and sport but also an attitude to life. With great weather in Taichung City, the three-in-one bikeway network constructed along rivers and railways ensures tremendous convenience in terms of transportation in the city. Furthermore, in conjunction with recreation, traveling and cultural tourism the city’s bicycle brand can also be successfully established.

According to the Tourism Office, phase one of the Dali District Caohu River riverside bikeway consists of mainly the construction of bikeway, safety barriers, resting platform, chairs, flower rack, guided tour signs and approach road spanning from Yinlian 1st Bridge to Meiqun Bridge. In the future, it will be linked to the city’s mountain line bikeway and Ganqi bikeway system to complement the existing bikeway network, so that travelers can enjoy low carbon traveling in Taichung through cycling.

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