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Non-cash Transaction Bazaar to Be Launched in Calligraphy Greenway, Taichung to Promote Mobile Payment, Being the First-of-Its-Kind in Taiwan

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Non-cash Transaction Bazaar to Be Launched in Calligraphy Greenway, Taichung to Promote Mobile Payment, Being the First-of-Its-Kind in Taiwan
Non-cash Transaction Bazaar to Be Launched in Calligraphy Greenway, Taichung to Promote Mobile Payment, Being the First-of-Its-Kind in Taiwan

Let’s go shopping, and no cash in the wallet! In order to promote mobile payment and create business opportunities for small and medium enterprises, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taichung City Government will be collaboratively hosting the Non-Cash Transaction Bazaar in the Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung on July 22 to July 23, being the first-of-its-kind in Taiwan. A variety of products provided by local cultural industries around the island will be sold in the bazaar, including food gift boxes, cultural creative products and crafts. Instead of traditional cash payments, all transactions will be settled through contactless payment or QR code reading, etc. Buyers in the bazaar will be offered a 12% for all products in the bazaar, NT$100 free shopping for every NT$1000 purchase, as well as the opportunity for lucky draws for Gogoro electric scooters.

The promotional press conference was held on the 12th in the Taichung City Government. In the roadshow, experts from local cultural industries in Taiwan had the opportunity to show the unique and superb products of their own. Guests attending the event include Lin I-ying, deputy mayor of Taichung City Government; Wu Ming-Ji, Director General of SMEA, MOEA; Tsai Jen-jen, Secretary General of the Economic Development Bureau, Taichung City Government; Luke Han, Chief Operating Officer at Pi Mobile Technology Inc., Bo-sen Wang, AVP of O’Pay Electronic Payment Co., Ltd., as well as representatives from the major commercial circles in Taichung.

More than 500 commodities were exhibited at the site of the press conference, with a super discount of up to 40% offered by the vendors. Orders can also be placed online through the OTOP (One Town One Product) system. Both Director General Wu (SMEA) and Deputy Mayor Lin have placed orders online using the All Pay mobile device and the Pi Mobile Wallet. This unveiled the online order placement activities for the OTOP Mall.

Secretary General Wu of SMEA indicated that mobile payment is now a global consumer trend. After the launch of Apple Pay in Taiwan in March this year, Samsung Pay and Android Pay also arrived in May and June in a row. Domestic payment service providers, including All Pay and Pi Wallet, have joined the market earlier in 2015 and 2016. Considering the diversified and innovative products and services in Taichung area, the SMEA decided to launch the first non-cash transaction bazaar in the Calligraphy Greenway of the city. This will be the starting point for promoting the mobile payment services to all people around the island, increasing the convenience of consumer activities and encouraging extensive use of the instruments by vendors of smaller business scale, thereby changing the business pattern in Taiwan.

Director General Wu further pointed out that mobile payment services would bring new changes to the traditional transaction models. In the past, a small-scaled vendor might never get in touch with the customer again after completing a deal. Mobile payments, on the other hand, is expected to build up in-depth connection between the consumers and such vendors. For example, consumers with satisfactory buying experience will be able to revisit and purchase from a vendor by tracking the online transaction record. The medium or small-sized vendors, in the meantime, can expand their business territory through the O2O (online to offline) business model.

Deputy Mayor Lin expressed her thankfulness to the SMEA for choosing Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung as the venue for the first promotional event for mobile payment services. Having been awarded by CNN as “the most livable city in Taiwan”, Taichung is considered a very friendly city in all aspects of life. It is hoped, therefore, that the new consumption pattern would further activate the commercial activities in Taichung for all walks of life.

She further pointed out that, the representatives from the 23 commercial circles of the city would be invited to participate in the event on that day, so they could introduce the mobile payment culture to the respective commercial circles. It is also hoped that the online payment tools will boost consumption in remote areas, facilitate balanced development of different areas and narrow the urban-country gap. The success of this event, she hoped, would become a best practice for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition and make Taichung a most friendly city for consumers in Taiwan or even from all parts of the world.

According to the Economic Development Bureau, Taichung City Government, the prevalence of mobile devices nowadays has led to more and more convenient consumer activities. Taichung City Government, therefore, is actively assisting the 23 commercial circles in Taichung to provide mobile payment or other convenient payment instruments. On July 22, the day for the bazaar, representatives from the 23 commercial circles of the city will be invited to participate in the demonstration activities to understand the operation of the mobile payment devices.

The two domestic mobile service providers, All Pay and Pi Wallets, will also join the Bazaar to help building up the mobile payment culture in Taiwan. They both hoped that the promotional activities of the bazaar, including the lucky draw for Gogoro electric scooters, etc., will attract more potential users for the mobile payment services in the country and raise the usage rate thereof.

The payment instruments used in the Non-Cash Transaction Bazaar, which will be launched on July 22 and 23 in the Calligraphy Greenway of Taichung, will include the three major mobile phone payment platforms, All Pay mobile payment system and Pi Mobile Wallet, etc. Online broadcasting of the Bazaar’s opening ceremony will be conducted by G’s View at 2:00 pm, July 22. More preferential prices on limited products will be offered online. All purchasers of the Bazaar are entitled to a 12% discounts on all products, NT$100 free shopping for every NT$1000 purchase, as well as lucky draws for Gogoro electric scooters. For more details, please visit the website: https://www.otopmall.tw/

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