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The Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Taichung Convenes, Mayor Lin Shares Results from City Infrastructure Building, Invites Corporations to Attend Floral Expo

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
The Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Taichung Convenes, Mayor Lin Shares Results from City Infrastructure Building, Invites Corporations to Attend Floral Expo
The Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Taichung Convenes, Mayor Lin Shares Results from City Infrastructure Building, Invites Corporations to Attend Floral Expo

Taichung City is gradually becoming a city known for hosting large events. This year, Taichung was successful in inviting the Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce to hold its annual meeting in Taichung. Mayor Lin Jialong announced the event on July 17 with a speech entitled “Good Life in Taichung with a Thriving Economy.” In the speech, he expressed the hope that Taiwanese businesses from around Asia could learn more about life in Taichung, investment channels, and how Taiwanese businesses help strengthen ties between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. He emphasized that, “in order for Taichung to improve, we need overseas Taiwanese businesses.” Taichung has many major investment targets. For example, the World Floral Expo, to be held in Taichung next year, will be a perfect platform for corporations to market their brand. Corporations are invited to take part in making an impact on the economy and connect to the world through investing in Taichung.

Mayor Lin shared the results of the changes in Taichung in recent years at the annual Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce meeting. He stated, Taichung is fast becoming the second metropolis in Taiwan, and are currently laying the foundation for more corporations to move in. In addition to cooperation between the central and local governments which promote smart machinery, Taichung has built the Shuinan Smart City and the Shuinan International Expo Center to attract large international companies to invest in Taichung. Mayor Lin played a video documenting the changes in Taichung so those in Taichung may enjoy a good life, good job, and good travels.

Mayor Lin stated that Taichung is the most important city for Taiwanese manufacturing. In addition to having industrial clusters, Taichung has a complete supply chain, allowing manufacturers to expand to international markets without moving overseas. Many major international corporations respect the precision machinery of Taiwan, including machine tools, solar panels, bicycles, aerospace machinery, hand tools, and carpentry. These represent the major advantages of Taichung.

Taichung is also the core city of the 7 counties of central Taiwan. By strengthening all regions simultaneously, local corporations may expand internationally. Mayor Lin thinks that local governments have played an important role in local economies since the democratization of Taiwan. The city government strives to build a foundation for businesses, turning Taichung into a burgeoning city suitable for investment. The government wishes to allow investors peace of mind, all while improving quality of life.

Mayor Lin mentioned that methods will include promoting the Shuinan Smart City, incorporating smart manufacturing, transportation, power, architecture, and business into the public infrastructure of the city. Shuinan Smart City has a central park, waterway systems, smart underground parking lots, the Taichung Green Museumbrary, which is a combination of an art museum and a library, the Central Taiwan Movie Center, Shuinan International Expo Center, and Shuinan Transportation Center. Once the city is completed, it will become the model for smart cities, and local transportation will be extremely convenient.

After the completion of the Shuinan International Expo Center, businesses will be able to hold meetings, make orders, and make use of exposition and conference functions on site. The Taichung City Government has received support from the Central Government on this forward-thinking construction planning. Through the Greater Taichung 123 policy program, the government will connect the whole city through the Mountain Line, connect central Taiwan to the rest of the world through the Sea and Air Port, and promote the development of multiple city centers starting from the current center, creating balance between the city and country.

Mayor Lin stated “Those who understand living love Taichung!” He further emphasized that, in addition to attracting investments and developing city infrastructure, the government has taken action to create a better living environment. These measures include free bus fare within 10 kilometers, the 500km of road in 4 years plan, and the inter departmental Taichung City Air Pollution Reduction Unit. This unit reduced fine particulate matter in the city, and continues to improve air quality. Public safety in Taichung has noticeably improved. Taichung continues to revitalize older parts of the city by helping bring life to important historical and cultural spots such as Luchuan and Liuchuan . Taichung will be a good place to work, invest, and a great place to live.

Next year, Taichung city will host the World Floral Expo, and is currently busy with preparations. The city government is using the expo to turn Taichung into a garden city, and the expo facilities will continue to be used after the event ends. Mayor Lin has invited corporations to join the ranks of those marketing the expo in the hopes of increasing the viability of Taiwan in developing internationally through services provided by tech companies.

The Bureau of Economic Development explained this annual meeting at The Lin Hotel was the 3rd meeting of the 24th supervisory council. Representatives from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Timor-Leste, and Guam were all in attendance, totaling a record 850 people.

In addition to hosting meetings related to the Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, the city government will take the opportunity to market the city and attract businesses. Mayor Lin shared the workforce, industry, sustainability, and energy of the city. In the future, the city will host the Taichung, Zhanghua, Nantou, and Miaoli Joint Business Attraction Seminar, which will involve all the cities in cooperating regions introducing trends in Taiwanese industry and investment opportunities to chamber members, as well as an inspection of city infrastructure. Through this, the Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce will be able to see the culture and construction of infrastructure in Tiachung for themselves.

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