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The only pet park in Taichung City is completed and opened to the public

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
The only pet park in Taichung City is completed and opened to the public
The only pet park in Taichung City is completed and opened to the public

Quanyuan Park in East District, Taichung City is the only pet park in the city. Besides conventional park area, there is also a 1,500m2 “pet area”, attracting many pet owners to walk and exercise their fur babies, making it a very popular venue. In order to provide pets with more high quality, safe activity space, Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government implemented a project to improve the facilities in April this year. The project was completed on the 5th of this month and the park is now once again open to the public.

Quanyuan Park pet area was opened 8 years ago, and it has always been a popular exercising venue for pet owners and their fur babies. However, due to its old age, the park is experiencing problems such as lack of shade, outdated facilities, bare spots on lawn and potholes, therefore after consulting with experts and taking the design advantages of pet parks and pet activity areas in other municipalities into consideration, the Construction Bureau has decided to commence renovation project in April this year.

Improvements include: Dividing the pet area into activity space for large dogs and small dogs to prevent the former chasing the latter. Also, the entrance and exit are designed separately with two doors, each allowing for one way traffic to prevent dogs from fighting with each other. Loose soil on the lawn is rearranged and an educational sign was erected. In addition, dog waste bag, trash bins, recycling bins and drinking water facilities were all refurbished.

Furthermore, in light of experiences in other municipalities, where the pet area is used primarily for dogs to roam free, excessive facilities will reduce the limited space available; hence all outdated facilities were removed to retain the vast stretch of lawn for the dogs to roam free.

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