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2017 Taichung Arts Festival - Miao-hsuan Dance Group “The Scent of Red Flowers”

  • Date: 2018-07-06
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2017 Taichung Arts Festival - Miao-hsuan Dance Group “The Scent of Red Flowers”
2017 Taichung Arts Festival - Miao-hsuan Dance Group “The Scent of Red Flowers”

With local ideas as the core and the secret stories of an original illustrated book of Taiwan’s red floral pattern cloth as contents, the dance is accompanied by narration in Taiwanese. Music with strong penetration power is chosen to project the compression of time and display the changes in the sense of time.

Choosing old photos to create overlapping images, finally, the image of red floral pattern cloth in light shade is placed over them to allow the dance drama closer to local lifestyle. Early Hakka songs and oldies are played to extract the essence of sensations.

Fusing Hakka culture in Taiwan, illustrated books, and juvenile education, led by Professor Sun Fu-chih, Department of Early Childhood Development and Education, Chaoyang University of Technology, immersed Hakka education is implemented in Donshi Kindergarten, where little team members are chosen to perform Hakka ballads, adding folk elements to the dance. Children dancers are also selected from Shihgang Elementary School to perform the childhood of the lead dancers. Professional Technician Huang Shun-hsing, Department of Communication Arts, Chao Yang University of Technology and students are invited to handle technical issues and image projection on stage.

Miao-hsuan Dance

Honored in the 11th Anniversary Outstanding Performance Troupe of Taichung City

Established in 2001, Miao-hsuan Dance joins forces with the community to promote campus arts, sponsor large-scale activities, learn and make progress, spreading the ideal of dance education to every corner with dance lovers. In 2016, it was invited by the Singapore Office of Taiwan Visitors Association to perform in three major cities in Australia, promoting Taiwan successfully. Over the past years, it has performed outstandingly, invited by county and city governments to perform in various arts festivals. In recent years, it also conducted exchanges with Shenzhen Arts School and also won the honor of Outstanding Performance Troupe of Taichung City. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, it makes dance performance more diverse, elevating its realm. All in all, it wins high acclaims from different sectors.

The team leader, Hong Chang-ning has led Miao Hsuan Dance Troupe for many years, endeavoring in promoting dance culture and dance education. Establishing Taiwan Dance Arts Exchange Association, she expects young dancers to have an exchange platform in order to broaden their horizon in dance art and enrich the art of life.Time: 7:30 pm, October 28 (Sat)

Venue: Taichung City Tun District Art Center (201, Daxin Road, Taiping, Taichung City)

Tickets: NT$ 200/400/600, sold at Arts Ticket: https://www.artsticket.com.tw/CKSCC2005/Product/Product00/ProductsCategoriesPage.aspx?ProductsCategoryId=m40sIX3ugy5X9esJOO4ny

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