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Monkey Insane’s Reunion Concert Performance in Taichung’s Old Town Area in November

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Monkey Insane’s Reunion Concert Performance in Taichung’s Old Town Area in November
Monkey Insane’s Reunion Concert Performance in Taichung’s Old Town Area in November

The “10th Anniversary of Rock in Taichung” will be launched from November 4 to 5 in Taichung’s old town area and about 50 bands will come to performance from 1:00 in the afternoon to 10:00 in the evening for their fans. Among these bands, one of Taiwan’s well-known bands “Monkey Insane” will also launch reunion performance after breaking up for ten years in a classical combination of their popular songs. Additionally, there are exciting local creative market fairs, NGO symposiums, and outdoor theater series.

According to Information Bureau of Taichung City Government, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Rock Taichung. Under the theme of “Chang Ciou” that combines two concepts of “Singing Your own Songs” (Chang) and “The Biggest Autumn Musical Festival” (Ciou), the Concert will be launched and promoted with clear images to deliver the past ten-year experiences and convey the message of Taichung, as a confident second largest city in Taiwan.

To respond to the 10th anniversary milestone of Rock in Taichung, the event organizer especially invites Monkey Insane to give their reunion performance after their break up ten years ago. Fans are getting very excited for the news. Five members of Monkey Insane were surprised and glad to accept the invitation. For this “performance of Taiwan’s classical rock combo,” vocalist Sia Tian and guitarist Mountain People said they will performance popular songs through their different music arrangements and presentation in order to have the best audience interaction and to bring back the good old time and strength in music to old and new fans.

Bassist Kai-kai said that from the names of songs that they are going to perform, he got very excited for a whole night and he believed fans will definitely get more excited. Percussionist A-siang mentioned that he will give away his drum sticks after their reunion performance finishes.

Monkey Insane could not fall asleep after receiving the invitation and they immediately initiated the “battle mode” to discuss songs. For this reunion, they practiced intensively and even started working out in order to give the best performance to their fans.

Which is the best song of Monkey Insane for “the 10th Anniversary of Rock in Taichung?” Vocalist Siao-tian recommends “Underground Turtle” that describe the difficulties of being music performers while Bassist Kai-kai and Guitarist Mountain People thought that would be “Our Generation” simply announcing to all of us “Monkey Insane is back.” Percussionist A-siang would like to sing “Insane Monkey,” a wining piece of 2007 Golden Melody Awards presented with boldness and that surely matches this year’s theme “Chang Ciou” (baldness)!

During the past ten years after breaking up, Vocalist Siao-tian, Bassist Kai-kai, Percussionist A-siang, and Guitarists Qiao-yang and Mountain People have been engaging in music creation and teaching. Siao-tian teaches background music production and rock fashions at a university; Kai-kai and A-siang joined Magic Power. Mountain People is now a music arranger and works on music composition and won the Best Music Arranger of the 2016 Hito Awards for his work in A-mit, “Jamaica’s Betel Nut” and at the same time, that song was nominated as the Best Music Arrangement by Chinese Music Media and Chinese Golden Melody Awards.

According to Information Bureau, “The 10th Anniversary of Rock in Taichung” will be launched between November 4 and 5 in Taichung’s old town area. In addition to the reunion performance of Monkey Insane, more than 40 domestic and international bands including the visual kei rock band, “Jealkb” led by the famous host of Japanese program “London Hearts,” Mr. Atsushi Tamura, Mr. Mi, a nominee of the Golden Melody Awards, HUSH, Enno Cheng, TRASH, Baby Bear, The Tic Tac, Sunset Rollercoaster, and Elephant Gym will join the event. Local bands from Taichung such as Mixer, 929, Underpass, BIKE, One Step, Eyeball Killer, Downwind Daylight, and Sales will also come to perform.

With more participation of performing bands, the event also combines with local creative market fairs, NGO symposiums, and outdoor theater series taking place on three major arenas. We welcome you to join us in this sensual enjoyment, witness the achievements of the past ten years, and count down to next year’s Taichung World Flora Expo. For more information, please visit the fan page of Rock in Taichung (https://www.facebook.com/RockInTaichungMusicFestival).

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