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Volunteers are wanted for Taichung Floral Expo, Mayor Lin expects to manifest the hospitality of Taichung

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Volunteers are wanted for Taichung Floral Expo, Mayor Lin expects to manifest the hospitality of Taichung
Volunteers are wanted for Taichung Floral Expo, Mayor Lin expects to manifest the hospitality of Taichung

Social Bureau of Taichung City Government held the “Volunteers Recruitment Platform Creativity Events” on October 8th to encourage people to be a part of the volunteer team for the Floral Expo. Some 105 teams of volunteers have signed up that made this recruitment fruitful. More and more people are appealed to join the crew. There were more than 10,000 people registered as Floral Expo Volunteers in “teams” and registration of volunteers by “individuals” was also opened. The public could register as volunteers at the Taichung Floral Expo Volunteer Integrated Service Platform. Mayor Lin hoped that more people could be a part of the volunteer team so that visitors may appreciate the beauty of flowers but also the care and compassion of the volunteers of Taichung!

The creativity events of volunteer recruitment platform was unveiled at the government building at Taiwan Boulevard under the motto of “We Gear Up for the Floral Expo”. Mayor Lin personally presented the MOU of volunteer work to the volunteers at the witness of Director Jen-Der Lue of the Social Bureau to pronounce joint effort for the cause. All the volunteers on the scene lined up to show the LOGO of the Floral Expo to show their enthusiasm and motivation in volunteer work. This is indeed the manifestation of social cohesion.

Taichung is about to be the host of a prominent international event. The 2018 Floral Expo will be unveiled on November 3rd 2018 and is expected to attract some 10 million visitors, said Mayor Lin. Taichung has some 100,000 volunteers in place, but an additional 20,000 will be necessary for responding to the needs of the Floral Expo including tourist guide and traffic control. Uniform for the Floral Expo will be exclusively designed for the volunteers. This will help to show the team spirit of the volunteers but also make the volunteers feel that the Floral Expo is their own business. Furthermore, this arrangement will impress the attendees at home and overseas of the hospitality of Taichung.

“The Best Attraction of the Floral Expo is the Volunteers!”. Mayor Lin expressed his gratitude to the enthusiasm and the effort of the volunteers. More than 10,000 volunteers have already been enrolled for the cause. They are vital resources for the Floral Expo. Taichung City Government will build up a database of volunteers for subsequent large scale events and make Taichung the capital of volunteers.

According to the Social Bureau, registration of “volunteer corps” has begun on July 17 in the following procedure: the volunteer corps registers an ID at the “Floral Expo Integrated Service Platform”; 2. The resource center of Floral Expo will review and approval of ID for the volunteer corps; 3. The leader of the volunteer corps will download the form for profiles of the volunteers from the platform and enter the information into the excel file; 4. Enroll in relevant pages of duties by division of labor, and upload the excel file and the photographs of the volunteers to complete the procedure.

Registration of “individual volunteers” is also available. The public may register at the Taichung Floral Expo Integrated Service Platform. For further information, visit the official website of “2018 World Floral Expo-Taichung” at http://2018floraexpo.tw/; information on recruitment of volunteers for the Floral Expo at the volunteers integrated service platform of “2018 World Floral Expo-Taichung” at https://volunteer.taichung.gov.tw.

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