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2017 Taichung Arts Festival-Twin Pagoda Trees Performed by Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe

  • Date: 2018-07-06
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About the Group /Artists

The “Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe” established by Master Liao Chiung-Chih has been known for elegant moves and beautiful singing of performers. Due to her persistence to fine Taiwanese Opera development, the Troupe has “cultivated professional opera literacy but without the conformity with the public” and these are principles and concepts that the Troupe has followed, inherited, and promoted during their performance over the past years. These attributes have won the Troupe respects and reputation and because of the profound meaning to lay the foundation of traditional art of Taiwanese Opera, vitalities are added continuously and sustainably.

Creative Director Liao Chiung-Chih

Opera Composer Spark Lin

Music Designer Chen Meng-Liang

Assistant Director Liu Guan-Liang

Opera Performers Chang Meng-Yi, Wang Tai-Ling, Chiang Ting-Ying, Hsieh Yu-Ru, Su Ming-Yun, Wu Mi-Na

Contents of Performance

“Twin Pagoda Tree” tells the history of Jhu Family, a military family, that planted two pagoda trees outside their house to receive special honor in military and official services. The first and second son were named Jhu Chun-deng and Chu Chun-ke. During the era of Jhaozong in Tang Dynasty, due to continuous wars, an order was given to recruit a man from each household to enroll to the military or a serious punishment was imposed. Jhu Feng’s wife, Madam Song, was in favor of her only son, Chun-ke and plotted to send the sole surviving son of the eldest one, Chun-deng to the military. Chun-deng and his mother and Jing-tang set the appointment to meet after three to five years. When twin pagoda trees bloomed, it was time for the family to reunion. Unfortunately, Chun-deng during his journey to report to the military was pushed down to the cliff by Song’s nephew, Song Cheng and then Song abused her sister-in-law and Jing-tang. She forced them to live in the firewood room and let them shepherd in Nanshan. Song Cheng conspired to chase sheep away and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were scared and exiled. A couple of years later, Chun-deng was awarded for his military service and Zhaozong bestowed the honor for him to return home but he was greeted by three graves (of Jhu Feng, Madam Cheng and Jing-tang) under twin pagoda trees. With his sorrow, Chun-deng held a memorial ceremony for giving away foods for 49 days. Following the crowd, Madam Chen and Jing-tang arrived at twin pagoda trees. They arrived so late and there were no more foods. Inside the mourning hall, Chun-deng missed his mother and wife so much and lost his appetite. He commanded his servant to send foods for beggars. After Madam Chen finished her meal, Jing-tang returned the utensils and saw her name and her mother-in-law’s name on the grave plates. After seeing that, Madam Chen was very angry to come to the mourning hall. Finally, three of them were reunified. Madam Song and Song Cheng finally were punished as they deserved as good and evil will always be rewarded.

●Date of Performance: at 19:00 on November 5, 2017 (Sunday)

● Venue: Outdoor Theatre of Tun District Art Center of Taichung City

●Free Admission

  • Date : 2017-11-03
  • Hit: 69