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Flower and tree appreciation – Taichung City Government announces 10 tree-spotting locations citywide

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Flower and tree appreciation – Taichung City Government announces 10 tree-spotting locations citywide
Flower and tree appreciation – Taichung City Government announces 10 tree-spotting locations citywide

In making flower appreciation more convenient for the public, Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government has conducted a survey of parks and parkways throughout the city and improved the tree appreciation environment. The “100 Tree Appreciation Sights for Greater Taichung” project was implemented, where the first wave of 10 tree appreciation locations in Taichung was unveiled. Subsequent flower appreciation details will be published online in conjunction with specific tree species and blooming periods, providing the public with more precise information on flowering conditions and in turn enhancing the appeal of flower appreciation in the city.

According to the Construction Bureau, the city government also invited members of the Landscaping and Plantation Committee to join the survey in order to verify the conditions of various scenic destinations and trees as well as suitability and safety, consisting of mainly diverse flowering trees such as: golden trumpet tree, golden shower tree, Taiwan cherry and acacia confusa. Taking into consideration transitions in the blooming period, the first 10 scenic destinations selected are: Buzi Park, Wenxin Forest Park, Dajia River Riverside Park, Dazhi Park, Gongguan Park, Qiedong Park, Xindou Ecology Park, Liyuan Park, riverside of Ma Yuan Tou River and Xingda Parkway.

October coincides with the blooming season of Taiwanese rain tree by the Ma Yuan Tou River in the West District, therefore the row of Taiwanese rain trees adorned with golden colored flowers has endowed the city with greenness. Next in line is the bald cypress inside the Xindou Ecology Park, whose foliage is lush green in summer and yellow in fall. The public is invited to seize the opportunity to visit the area and appreciate the autumn ambiance.

In addition, there is a green tunnel formed by chinaberry trees in Wenxin Forest Park in Nantun District. During March and April each year, the trees are adorned with violet flowers and the air surrounds the trees emanates a faint fragrance, forming the most exquisite visual and aural symphony. Gongguan Park in Shalu District abounds with elegantly-shaped camphor trees and acacia confusa, resting underneath the trees feels like being surrounded by a forest. Buzi Park in Beitun District features stunning golden trumpet trees that are abloom with yellow bell-shaped blossoms in spring, depicting spectacular golden yellow scenery.

The 10 scenic destinations unveiled spans across 4 major regions including the mountain, ocean, hill and city, hoping that the public will be able to experience the great outdoors and vibrant attractions that exude seasonal characteristics. In addition, they may also browse Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government’s tree appreciation spot information (http://www.construction.taichung.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=1913655&ctNode=33638&mp=105010) to obtain details including history, tree species, blooming period and transportation etc. In the future, the Construction Bureau will also include additional tree appreciation spots.

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