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Final Countdown of 365 Days of Taichung World Flora Expo; Mayor Lin and the Chairman Band Singing “Rainy Night Flower”

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
台中花博倒數365天 林市長與董事長樂團合唱「雨夜花」喜迎花博

Taichung City will host the World Flora Expo on November 3rd, 2018 and on the 3rd, it marked the final countdown of 365 days before the event. Information Bureau of Taichung City Government specially organized the “Singing for the Expo-the Expo Night” concert in Houli joined by local Taichung singer, La La Hsu, the pop star, Nick the Real, and others. Additionally, the Expo mascots, “leopard cat family and Omima” also danced together. Mayor Lin Chia-long sang “Rainy Night Flower” with the Chairman Band to mark the final countdown of 365 days of the Expo.

For this final countdown of 365 days to the Expo, Taichung City Government organized series events for three days including on the 3rd , the “Singing for the Expo-the Expo Night” concert and on the 4th and 5th, at Taichung Park, “the 10th Anniversary of Rock in Taichung.” At the “Singing for the Expo-the Expo Night,” Taichung Flora Expo’s mascots, the Leopard Cat Family and Omima, also performed with the Campus Ambassador of Taichung World Flora Expo, Niko Sun, to invite the public to join their dance and to have fun together. Mayor Lin sang the classic folk song, “Rainy Night Flower,” with the Chairman Band to mark the final countdown of 365 days of the Expo.

During his speech, Mayor Lin talked about the official beginning of Taichung World Flora Expo after 365 days and the Expo is not only an event organized by Taichung but also a platform for Taiwan to showcase its flowers and fruit to the world. After one year, at the venue in Houli, the ecological system will be demonstrated, in Waipu, green production will be present, and in Fengyuan, achievements of cultural life will be witnessed. The half-year long expo is expected to the visit number of 10 million. Taichung City invites everyone to come to Taichung for the Expo next year. Later, Mayor Lin, City Councilman Chen Ben-tian and invited guests jointly pull down the big hourglass to symbolize the final countdown of the Expo.

Additionally, local Taichung artist La La Hsu specially came back home to perform joined by the pop star, Nick the Real, a long-lost singer, Li Ping-Huei, the Chairman Band, Fire Ex., Chang and Lee, Tai-Ko Electro Company, and Musou Band. When the Chairman Band was performing the classical song of “Gods Protect Taiwan,” they specially responded to the final countdown of 365 days of the Expo and invited the audience to raise their right hand and cheered for Taichung and the Expo!

This event used music to respond to the slogan of the Taichung World Flora Expo 2018, “Listening to the Sound of Blossoms.” The clips of the event will be shown on Asia Variety Channel from 8 pm to 9 pm on November 26th to allow those who missed the opportunity to participate on site to get to enjoy the excitement.

According to Information Bureau, at the beginning to prepare for the Expo, the precious extinct animal, leopard cats were discovered at the originally planned venue in Houli. Later, the City Government decided to scale down the Houli exhibition area in order to protect the habitat of leopard cats. Additional areas were planned in Fengyuan and Waipu to make up for the total scale. This conservation concept has been highly recognized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers(AIPH) which upgrade Taichung’s “International Flora Expo” into “World Flora Expo.” The City Government, thus, decided to use both leopard cat and Houli’s local “horse” as mascots to emphasize the co-existence value of the event and the ecology.

Taichung World Expo emphasizes sustainability that insists on local building and the promotion of prosperous development of communities. After the Expo, Houli Horse Course will become Asia’s largest international equestrian competition ground, Waipu will be built into an international agricultural creative park, and Fengyuan will have a pastry museum. Traffic routes constructed for the Expo will improve transportation and tourism functions.

Furthermore, Taichung’s important music event, “Rock in Taichung” will enter its 10th anniversary and this time, it was incorporated with the final countdown of 365 days of the Expo to present at Taichung Park on the 4th and 5th for the series events of “Rock in Taichung-the 10th Anniversary” with strong casting of 40 bands including Mixer, Bearbabes, and Hello Nico. Cultural and creative markets , 4D experiential Expo tours, fun games and free gifts were also available. For more information, please visit the official website.

  • Date : 2017-11-15
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