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“2017 a Simple Day” in Taichung, Mayor Lin invited everyone to participate comfortably

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
簡單生活節回台中 林市長邀大家用輕鬆心情共襄盛舉

Here comes 2017 a Simple Day in Taichung! It will last on December 9 and 10 at the Civic Plaza where the works of amiable craftsmanship and creative brands will be exhibited for the realization of a simple and elegant life to show the sustainable concern of the environment. In the promotional press conference on November 27, Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung, President Philip Wei of Bank SinoPac, Won Fu band, and the founder of Simple Life Zhang Pei-ren jointly invited the public to share the cause and enjoy the well-being of the event with a relaxed mind.

The “Simple Life” was transformed into “a Simple Day” since 2016 for conveying the message of beautiful scenic spots in daily life. The “2017 a Simple Day” is the convergence of the works of amiable craftsmanship, creators and creative brands to show the realization of a good dream through the wealth of simplicity and happiness.

Mayor Lin stated that Taichung is a livable city and capital of living. You could find the huge Civic Plaza, Calligraphy Greenway, Summer Green, and Liu Chuan in Taichung. Furthermore, the sites for artistic and cultural performance are everywhere. Through the musical performance and variety show, everyone can feel the Simple Way of life in Taichung.

Mayor Lin also expressed his gratitude for choosing Taichung as the place for the “2017 a Simple Day” once again. He invited all people of Taichung to share the occasion of good music and gourmet food and enjoy a simple but good life.

Taichung is the cradle of subculture with many interesting things happened, said Zhang Pei-ren, the founder of the event. Examples are marvelous architecture, beer house, bubble tea, which are the cultures from the creation and gut of young people that influenced the whole world. The theme of “2017 a Simple Day” is “inner child” featuring two stages for musical performance so that the musicians could flex their muscle and show their imagination. The marketplace is also closely associated with Taichung including the exhibition of produce, floral liquor, and local creative workshop. Creativities of all kind will be converged.

Bank SinoPac is the foremost sponsor of the event with the planning of 3 major features, namely Coffee Bar, Wonderful Produce Bar, and Vinyl Record Bar so that the people could realize a truly simple life, said President Philip Wei of Bank SinoPac. President Wei was a native of Taichung and he mentioned that Taichung has emerged as the number 8 most notable city of Asia under the leadership of Mayor Lin Chia-lung. He will return to Taichung for his retirement life to enjoy the quality environment and construction here.

According to Ma Mi, a member of Won Fu, one of her friend returning from Australia opened a restaurant of original taste in Taichung to realize the dream. She thinks that besides herself, she should also let the others know and feel the way of a simple life. She invites everyone to share the cause. Xiao Min, another member of Won Fu, joked that even the shrimping pool in Taichung could be so big, it’s surely a place for “daring creativity”.

The 2017 a Simple Day will be held on December 9 and December 10 in Taichung at the Civic Plaza. There will be 28 musical programs including the performance of Waa Wei, Won Fu, NaiWen Yang, Totem, Sticky Rice and the Armed Youth. The event also features local food of Taichung manifested in the form of snacks and matched with locally brewed alcoholic beverages. As a part of the joint venture with the local farms, seasonable flowers will be mingled with alcoholic beverages for presenting two exotic cocktails. Furthermore, the Good-Life voucher will be offered. 50 stylish area, youth creative space and exotic local food with the special offer are welcoming the public to explore the simple life in Taichung.

  • Date : 2017-11-29
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