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Mayor’s Wife Had a Great Time with Children in the Enlightening Vocational Camp of Weaving Boat Program

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Economic Development Bureau
編舟計畫啟蒙體驗營園遊會 市長夫人與300學童同樂
Mayor’s Wife Had a Great Time with Children in the Enlightening Vocational Camp of Weaving Boat Program

To facilitate the career development of disadvantaged children, more than 50 companies in Taichung co-sponsored the Weaving Boat Program, where children can experience skills of diverse fields in the form of an enlightening vocational camp. The camp was held at Civic Square today (January 13) and had 20 booths covering cooking, woodworking, music, and fabric application. Children’s creations will be donated to social welfare groups. Mayor's wife Liao Wan-ru attended the camp and had a great time with 300 children from 14 elementary and junior high schools.

300 children arrived at the venue by electric bus today. Mayor’s wife Liao Wan-ru visited booths with Founder of Weaving Boat Program Chang Chieh to understand the idea of the program and had a warm talk with children on grassland.

Mayor’s wife indicated that it was great to see everyone participate in such a meaningful event. In the past, good education was considered the most important; however, children trained in such an education system were not necessarily meet companies’ need. As one may distinguish himself in any trade, what companies should do is to find suitable talents and take good advantage of existing resources.

Mayor’s wife also said that the Weaving Boat Program was a good start. Through this program, companies made contributions to the society, and children can also experience resources and become helpers for others, which is of great significance. Liao Wan-ru thanked every community for putting this program into practice and looked forward to more participation in the hope of continuously making this program take care of disadvantaged children.

Founder of Weaving Boat Program Chang Chieh indicated that she was born in a disadvantaged family and that the purpose of the Weaving Boat Program is to flip the direction of social enterprises by establishing a brand image of sustainable development. This not only can enlighten disadvantaged children, but also drives companies to design products in line with social needs. Chang Chieh thanked the government for support the establishment of a positive cycle.

Co-founder of Weaving Boat Program Hsueh Hung-te also indicated that the booths were designed to guide children to known issues like gender equity and care for the elderly in the hope of connecting them with the industries and the future trends.

A total of 20 booths were set up in the enlightening vocational camp of the Weaving Boat Program to combine diverse fields of vocational experience with life education, including cooking, woodworking, low-carbon power generation, music, fragrance making, fabric sanitary pads and diapers. Children were encouraged to know themselves, develop potential and confidence, and learn to give; meanwhile, companies could fulfill their social responsibilities and grasp future trends and resources in the process of participation.

  • Date : 2018-01-22
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