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Love, Hope, Happy Songs” Concert 2/5 Ticket Exchange Start

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Love, Hope, Happy Songs” Concert 0205 Ticket Exchange Start
Love, Hope, Happy Songs” Concert 2/5 Ticket Exchange Start

Performing at Chungshan Hall, co-hosted by Local Tax Bureau of Taichung City Government and DCSI Tokyo (Distinguished Citizens Society International), the concert “Love, Hope, Happy Songs” on 3/3 will be featuring Yukiwarisou Group from Japan celebrating its 30th anniversary, Hui-Ming Band from Hui-Ming School for the Blind, morin khuur performer Senjiya, Youth Symphony Orchestra of NTSO and Taichung Chamber Choir. Tickets are subject to availability from 2/5 at 8 Tax Bureau locations, Tatun Cultural Center and 4 city libraries upon donation of receipts.

Deputy Mayor Zhang Guang-yao, accompanied by Local Tax Bureau Director Chen Jin-xiong, is present at the concert press conference at City Hall, Taiwan Boulevard today, joined by DCSI International World Headquarters chairperson Hsieh, Chang Fang-chu and chief consultant Xie Wen-zhen, the Japan representative Social Welfare Corporation “Chikyugou” chairperson Matsumoto Nobuko and bureau director Odagiri Ryoko, as well as performance group representatives. In the live performance of Hui-Ming Band, the ticket exchange service is launched officially.

The close relationships of Japan and Taiwan is again elevated through the performance of the concert by physically disabled groups of both Japan and Taiwan. Entry ticket is given to the public in exchange of receipt donation as an act of public welfare. Come and participate a feast of melody, music lovers can enjoy music while benefitting the public. Thank you for your contribution, and your support today, indicated Deputy Mayor Zhang.

As per Director Chen, the ticket to the concert is available 2/5 - 2/14 upon donation of 3 January or February hard copy receipts or 2 e-Receipts. The donation goes entirely to charity organizations. The ticket service is accessible at 8 tax bureau, Tatun Cultural Center, Taichung City Library West Dist Library, Xitun Dist Library, North Dist Library and Britain Dist Library. Please join us to share your love to the public and enjoy a feast of music.

The concert “Love, Hope, Happy Songs”, starting at PM2:30, 3/3, will feature Japanese Drums, Chorus, Symphony, morin khuur performance including Rhapsody, 《戀情》, Suho’s White Horse, and a remix of “If We Open the Doors to Our Hearts” by the renown Taichung composer Lu Quan-sheng as well as the Japanese famous “Hometown”, and finally the joyful 4th Movement, 9th Symphony by Beethoven to bring the spirit up and together, indicated the Tax Bureau.

The Japan NSO group Yukiwarisou Group is organized and consists of the physical disabled and their supporters. Started in 1989, the group has been serving as a cultural activity base for the inner sustenance of the disabilities. “The Choir Sings with minds and eyes” now has 60 members and has performed and well received in Korea, New Zealand, Germany and the U.S. Moreover, the Inner Mongolia performer Senjiya will bring us the classical Mongolia music with morin khuur instrument.

For information regarding the concert and ticket exchange, contact toll free number 0800-086969‬ or 04-22585000‬ press 1 for customer service.

  • Date : 2018-02-05
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