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Green River Glory Restored. Premier Lai: Taichung City Turned Rotten into Gold

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Green River Glory Restored. Premier Lai Taichung City Turned Rotten into Gold
Green River Glory Restored. Premier Lai: Taichung City Turned Rotten into Gold

Green River, also known as the “Mother River” of Taichung is re-uncovered! As one of the 3 remodeling projects of Taichung, the water quality is critical to the city that under the support of 85 million NTD from the central government, Green River is restoring its water quality with 600 meter river bank. Today (10) Mayor Lin Chia-long and Premier Lai Ching-de has witnessed the rebirth of Green River. Premier Lai praised Mayor Lin for the “Maximum Leverage” of Green River restoration under limited resource. The successful regulation of Green River turned the once smelly river into a model of Taiwan first river regulation case. Mayor Lin: Return the citizen of Taichung a hydrophilic river that is capable of flood prevention.

The opening ceremony of Xinsheng Green River at ASEAN Square in front of Taichung Train Station today joined by the presentation of “Green River Water Environmental Improvement Project” by Water Conservancy Bureau Director Zhou Ting-zhang showed the first stage of Green River Regulation: Sew Age Interception, Dry River Drainage, On-Site Gravel Process, Flood Prevention Safety and Landscape Creation. With exclusive Green River Logo Brand Project, Central Shopping District and tourism are revived through waterfront cultural and creative industry combined with old Central District culture background.

The event is witnessed by Premier Lai, Mayor Lin, Deputy Mayor Lin Ling-san, Director of Environmental Protection Li Ying-Yuan, Political Deputy Minister of Interior Ministry Hua Jing-qun, Administrative Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua, Legislator Zhang Liao Wan-jian, Huang Guo-shu, Lin Jing-yi, Xu Yong-ming, City council member Jiang Zhao-guo, Qiu Su-zhen, He Min-cheng, City Director General of Government Information Office Zhuo Guan-ting, Chairperson of Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission Liu Jia-feng.

“A magical transformation by Mayor Lin”, as per Premier Lai, it is such a pleasure to witness the historical moment of “Mother River” of Taichung made its transformation. As Administration’s Infrastructure Plan being one of the major policies of President Tsai, and of which the water environment administration is the key policy, great appreciation to Mayor Lin in leading the City’s “Golden Team” to transform Central District in steps. Following the completion of Liuchuan, today the once smelly river is transformed into a beautiful hydrophilic river.

Premier also mentioned that as a former city mayor, Lai is aware of the difficulty lies not in the engineering or technology, but the communication with the public. Lao praises Lin for their effort in winning people’s support, and that the city government achieved greater goal with under-budget resources. Now that Green River is the first regulated river in Taiwan, the Executive Yuan will give full support to Taichung policies in looking forward to a leader city of central Taiwan.

“Xinsheng Green River re-uncovered. A touching moment for all of us.” As per Mayor Lin, in the past Green River was contained with sewage water because of urban development. Shops around it moved to elsewhere due to the odor. To return the citizen a hydrophilic river that is flood preventive and regulating the water flow, with the support from central government, finally after the first phase of the project with 850 million NTD budget and three years effort, Green River now restores its former glory.

Mayor Lin also indicated that Green Water Brand Logo is Taiwan first registered trademark of water bank brand. Based on the Central District old town culture, a nostalgia look Green River Mark is designed to bring out the new value of the River while bringing up surrounding business economy performance.

As per Mayor Lin, the first phase of the project has finished, and the second phase will be start soon. Hopefully the project will continue receiving the support from the central in co-creating a beautiful water front in central Taiwan. Together with grand station, green air railway line and Taisugar Lake Bio-Park, the construction is going to revive the beautiful memories of the old Taichung citizen and restore the glory of old town area.

Legislator Huang Guo-shu mentioned that it is such a pleasure to witness the historical moment of Taichung development. As a cultural city, Green River is a key indicator that carries hundreds of years of Taichung history. It was still in people’s memory that the beautiful river once attracted many painters to create along the river bank, lovers enjoying the sight at the waterfront. However it went down with the development of the city and the smell drove people away.

With the inauguration of Mayor Lin, the policy of “Transforming Central District” not only covers the river regulation, the more important goal is to preserve culture asset. In the future, the city government should continue and the financial support from the Administration’s Infrastructure Plan will carry on to assist Taichung water environment development.

According to the presentation from Water Conservation Bureau, the river regulation project is divided into phases. Currently the section from Fuxing Rd. to Aiguo St. has been approved of subsidy by central government. The rest is still waiting for the approval of Water Environment Construction project under Administration’s Infrastructure Plan. The complete Green River regulation project is estimated to cost 130 million NTD in three years of construction until 2020. On-location process and Jian Cheng Rd underground water pipe construction are to be completed as part of the entire Green River Regulation project.

In addition, to deliver a unique waterfront view, Water Conservation Bureau choose to decorate the Green River hallway between Shuangshi Rd. and Minquan Rd. with warm lighting effect, creating a “Green River Creative Light of Art” show. The four themed lighting effect including “Swinging Jellyfish” bringing a romantic vibe with the most beautiful dancer and protector of Green River; the “Dandelion” delivers new life’s and old town memories to every corner via the flow of the wind and water; the “Happiness Light Ball” bears the meaning of “Happiness Taichung, a City Suitable to Live in” and lights up the memories people owned towards the old town area; ”Loving Purple Ivy Path” puts you in Japan while listening to the sound of flower blooming and welcoming the upcoming spring as well as the Flower Expo.

“Green River Creative Light of Art” is available now through to 4/8 from 17:30 to 22:00 every night. To accommodate returning citizen and the tourists, lighting will extend to 23:00 from2/15 to 2/20 and on 3/2 the day of Lantern Festival. For detail information please visit www.facebook.com/waterresourcetaichung

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