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Opening ceremony of Taichung hub test run Beauty of Taichung presented with the innovative narrative wisdom

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Opening ceremony of Taichung hub test run  Beauty of Taichung presented with the innovative narrative wisdom
Opening ceremony of Taichung hub test run Beauty of Taichung presented with the innovative narrative wisdom

The test run of Taichung hub will last for two months with 4 themes of「Vision」, 「History」, 「City story」, 「Lives」to present the original story of Taichung and the vision development of the city. The hub has jumped out of the limitation of the space with the knowledge mix of the art of design, technological arts and tourism. It’s designed for providing the fluent flow and immersion experiences with the multimedia interaction. Mayor Chia-lung Lin visited the hub today (27th) and said, the City Government has transformed the introduction from traditional presentation or video to be presented with the innovative narrative wisdom. We would like to invite our citizens and people in Taiwan or from other countries to understand the past and future of Taichung City in depth through the comprehensively interactive experiences.

Today, the City Government held the opening ceremony of Taichung hub test run in the Huei-chung Building of City Administration Buildings on Taiwan Boulevard. Mayor Lin was accompanied by the Director of Urban Development Bureau, Chun-jet Wang, Director of Land Administration Bureau, Chi-Hsiang Chang, Secretary General of Information Bureau, Shen-sheng Lin to host the event with the attendance of Taichung City Councilor, Chia-wei Lai and the District Executives etc. All the people were led by the tour guide to try and experience the interactive facilities in the hub under a lively atmosphere.

Mayor Lin said, Taichung hub is a masterpiece of the City Government team. In the digital world now, the City Government has integrated video, sound and figure with the 3D drone view and 5D dynamic suspension seat to present the beauty of Taichung by innovative narrative wisdom in addition to AR, VR experience and projection mapping. Therefore, people can see the plenty, diverse and beautiful Taichung City.

Taichung hub can show the past, nowadays and future Taichung City to the people. Also, the City Government has leveraged the related themes through high technological clouds and big data to present the vision of the city, like Town in Culture City, Shuinan Smart Town and 2025 flagship project of Taichung Good Life etc. All the projects are the development blueprint of the city and it will be understood better by the citizens through the interactive videos and sounds so the people will learn more about the vision of the city administration.

Mayor Lin indicated, Taichung hub has turned the introduction to let the people to understand the past and future of the city in depth with 30 minuets instead of the traditional presentation or video approaches. The interactive experiences can make people learn with fun. People can ride the bikes, have their cellphones recharged and enjoy the sightseeing so they can find their own ways to connect with the city through such an enriched and diverse interactive design. We welcome the people from everywhere to join in us to know and understand Taichung City more.

The officer of Urban Development Bureau said, 4 theme area in Taichung hub are 4 independent books for learning Taichung,「Vision」 is talking about the people oriented living capital and showing 4 values of the vision of Taichung City, including smooth connection, reborn contents, smart innovation and good residence for immigrants etc. to echo to the vision policies of the City Government;「History」is elaborating the thousands of track record from prehistoric time to the contemporary era in Taichung and showing the interaction between people and the land at different stages of Taichung.

Regarding the 「City story」, which is presenting the contemporary Taichung with its unique features, including the facilities of vision under construction, diverse cultural assets, proud industrial energies and the resources of nature and culture;「Lives」describes how plentiful Taichung City is, in terms of life styles and lives from seashore, country to the mountain area or from the old town with historical elegance to the smart city with modern innovation.

The officer of Urban Development Bureau indicated, people can download the APP named「TAICHUNG HUB」to see how diverse and interesting the hub is through the interactive tour guide in the hub by way of augmented reality (AR) techniques; also, the large scale of hand painting walls, interactive projection mapping and 360 degree of panorama are applied to show the important historical events and future vision of Taichung in addition to the 3D drone view and 5D dynamic suspension seat, which is different from the common design of theater and will lead the people to fly around the city to see the whole city in sky view. People can see and appreciate the beauty of Taichung by their personal experiences. Please join in us to enjoy「Taichung patterned」urban life experience.

  • Date : 2018-04-02
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