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Upgrade the security and anti-terrorism power Taichung City police dog team is ready to go

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Upgrade the security and anti-terrorism power  Taichung City police dog team is ready to go
Upgrade the security and anti-terrorism power Taichung City police dog team is ready to go

In order to improve the tasks of sniffer and inspection, explosive detection, drug detection and safety guard, Taichung City Government Police Department has planned for a long time to form a police dog team. Today (27th), Taichung City police dog team was announced to be formed through the opening ceremony hosted and with badge awarded by Mayor Chia-lung Lin. This team is led by the team leader, Yu-mei Chen, with 9 excellent policemen and 8 police dogs in the team. They will support the big events like 2018 World Flora Expo, Music Festival, 9 in 1 election and 2019 East Asian Youth Games etc. They will assist the anti-terrorism, explosion prevention, drug sniffer and searching and hunting down the criminals for maintaining the public order so the events will be ensured to proceed safely and smoothly.

Taichung City Government Police Department announced the police dog team has been formed from today and the ceremony of the announcement was hosted by Mayor Chia-lung Lin. He awarded the badges to the police dog team with the witness of many people including Taichung City Councilor, Ming-Yuen Hsieh, Mei-chun Ong and Hsu-jou Liu there. The contents of the activities were impressed, including the performances of explosive sniffer, drug detection and hunting down criminals etc. The performances were amazing and the audience were surprised by the perfect teamwork between the police dogs and the dog handlers.

Mayor Lin said, Taichung City is continuously making progress with all kinds of innovative approaches for 「Fighting for public order」. We are happy to see the amazing performances of the police dog team after more than one year of training today. These well trained police dog will be the new blood of the task forces to support the public security and drug sniffer. On the other hand, they are very helpful to assist the police to do the jobs of anti-terrorism and explosive detection efficiently in addition to the drug detection.

Mayor Lin indicated, Taichung has made a big progress on the public order during the past three years and ranked on the top list of six metropolitan cities. The police now is not only playing their guardian role but also developing many innovative measures, including detecting with smart technologies, forming the first one drug detection center domestically and so on.

Also, he mentioned that the drug detection tasks will be highly supported by the police dog team and the City Government will well leverage the power of these police dogs to maintain the public order; for example, in the beginning of this year, two searching and rescue dogs,「Tehsung」and「Tuei-tuei」, from Taichung City special searching team, have brought a big success in Hualien earthquakes and become the city ambassadors. With the seamless teamwork of the police, citizens and police dogs, we believe the citizens will feel even more comfortable and confident for the public order in Taichung.

The officer of Police Department said, the base of Taichung City police dog team is located at No. 7, Xian Road, Wuri District, the previous location of Wuri police station. At the early stage, with the supports from Mayor Lin and City Council, the drug detection dog training centers of New Taipei City, Taichung City Government Police Department, the training center of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, and people of the private groups, the police dog house and soft/ hardware settings were established step by step to provide a good training environment for the dogs. The police dogs has been trained to detect explosives, drugs and criminals with professional skills for almost one year intensively.

The officer of Police Department indicated, Taichung City police dog team is the second team formed after New Taipei City police dog team and is managed by Taichung City Government. There are 8 dogs under police dog training in the police dog team, including 4 Labrador retrievers (one and a half year-old) named after TCPB, the abbreviated Taichung City Government Police Department, as Tiny, Candy, Pinky and Bobby. Their expertise is explosive detection and check in addition to drug detection and searching. Another Belgian Malinois, called「Ninja」(13 month-old) will be trained as a guard dog to assist the police to attack and routine patrol while being on duty. Besides, one German Shepherd「Audi」(3 month-old) and two Taiwan dogs, King and Nice (9 month-old) have started their basic sniffer training and will dedicate in supporting the public order of Taichung City soon.

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