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The《Taichung Declaration》has redefined the GNP - Promote and raise awareness for Green, Nature, and People

  • Date: 2018-11-13
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
《Taichung Declaration》has redefined the GNP  Promote and raise the proposal for Green, Nature and People
The《Taichung Declaration》has redefined the GNP - Promote and raise awareness for Green, Nature, and People

Taichung will hold the World Flora Expo in November. Green productivity proposed by the City Government and based on the Flora Expo addressed not only concepts of Green productivity, but also Nature sustainability, and People with Green-ability. The「Taichung Declaration」aims to invite 100 cities to sign up. Taichung City Mayor, Chia-lung Lin just signed the declaration with Changwon City Mayor, Ahn Sang-soo tonight at Masan Baseball Stadium in South Korea, while throwing out the first pitch for the starting game of Taiwanese baseball pitcher, Weichung Wang, who is currently working in South Korea. It is very meaningful to have Changwon City be the first city to sign the Taichung Declaration.


The theme of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo is「Exploring GNP」 which transforms the old meaning of GNP from Gross National Product to Green productivity, Nature sustainability, and People with Green-ability to pursue green productivity, facilitate ecological sustainability, and embrace nature, while also pursuing technological developments to improve people’s quality of life. We want to promote and raise awareness of enhanced collaborations between international societies as it is the only way to connect people so that they can help each other share goodness and prosperity for the whole world. (4/11*11) *Information Bureau.


Taichung Declaration:


《Taichung Declaration》

A New Proposal for GNP


Have you ever thought about whether the sound of blooming could be heard?


Modern people are very busy earning a living, pursuing the development of economics and technology. Most have been too busy to see things through and have forgotten to listen to the hearts and to realize how much they rely on the environment. 


Let 2018 be the year when we find the balance for ourselves; let’s listen to the whispers of nature and happy sounds of blooming, so that we can feel the value of life and appreciate how great it is to be alive. After all, the meaning of life is to make the world a better place.


The 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo will propose a new concept for GNP. GNP will have its own life and mean Green, Nature, and People and will no longer be a neutral number of Gross National Product. GNP will now stand for green productivity and facilitating ecological sustainability to improve people’s quality of life.


Now is the time to move forwards, but also the time to look back to the past. When we move forwards to develop smart technologies in the future, we should also remember to embrace nature to facilitate ecological sustainability. We believe that prosperity and environmental protection go hand in hand, while technology can live with nature.


Green Productivity


A city in the green and green in the city. The economic growth achieved at the expense of the environment will last no more as we now know quite well how to play the role as a member of the global village. By applying green technology, reducing energy consumption, and creating shared resources, we can construct a sustainable city with green production and green economics as its backbone.


Nature Sustainability


The mountain geography left from the ice age and the recent wetland scenes formed by the waves and tides are all low-pollution ecological environments and diverse biological systems that we would like to sustain. We will never sacrifice nature to pursue technological prosperity again. We will rebuild the close connection between people and nature to find the harmony and balance that was once between them.


People with Green-ability


We expect people to develop their own green concepts and capabilities. From minor things like personal thoughts, diets, living, and action to big-scope things like urban construction and future development, all of them will possess the social Green energy to contribute to the international society. So-called green concepts implement such actions as respecting variety and embracing diversity. Regardless of culture, race, politics, education, or religion, we will maintain old traditions and develop innovations to share a better future with everyone. The aesthetics of living is to live with various peoples and grow with one another.



We believe,

The perfect balance among production, ecology, and living can be obtained.

Listen to nature, connect with society, and link to the world.

Collaborate and facilitate the development of international non-government organizations.

Create a new model of urban management.

Because we connect with each other,

We will all share our achievements and good results.

  • Date : 2018-04-17
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