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Master of design Hsui-chung Fang took the lead Taichung Flora Expo cards launched with attractive colorful pictures

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Master of design Hsui-chung Fang took the lead  Taichung Flora Expo cards launched with attractive colorful pictures
Master of design Hsui-chung Fang took the lead Taichung Flora Expo cards launched with attractive colorful pictures

Taichung Citizen exclusive Flora Expo card was launched today (1st) and would be sent to the citizens one by one. The card was designed by the team led by the famous Taiwanese Designer Hsui-chung Fang by linking the local plants, architectures, rivers and all kinds of imaginations about Taichung together. Moreover, the image of the card applied the quadrilateral continuity pictures to make the card connected to each other at 4 corners to represent the concept of the connections between people and city. Mayor Chia-lung Lin mentioned, Flora Expo card has collected more than 1 million of applications and the number is increasing continuously. The card holders can enjoy one day of free pass to the parks of Flora Expo and the benefits of more than 2 thousand contracted stores and easy card bus of free 10 kilometers. Also, Flora Expo card is a valuable card with aesthetics of design so it’s worth of keeping. We wish everyone will like it and wish to gather the recognitions of the citizens and the glory of the city.

2018 Taichung World Flora Expo will kick off on 3rd November this year. Mayor Lin joined in the gathering with Flora Expo card designer, the famous Designer Hsui-chung Fang, Chairman of easy card corporation Sean-kai Lin, the mascots of Flora Expo「Leopard cat family」and mascot of easy card BeBe to announce the design of Flora Expo card today. The key vision of the card is the peanut-like colored pieces combined with the geometric elements representing Taichung City tree, Taiwan Pine, and Taichung City flower, Taiwan Cherry. They are segments connected one by one like many good things happening as「Blooming」 which will make people feel happiness and appreciate the nature.

Mayor Lin announced the application of Flora Expo card hit the number of 1 million. Hsui-chung Fang has shared his concept of the design for Flora Expo card to let the citizens understand Flora Expo card is not just a card as it’s a special card. There were many Directors or representatives from Bureaus or Commissions of Information, Transportation, Cultural Affairs, Tourism and Traveling, Urban Development, Sport, Labor Affairs, Agriculture, Water Resources, Civil Administration and Research, Development and Evaluation of the City Government, District Executives, and City Councilor Ya-ming Chang, representative from the office of City Councilor Kung-jin Cheng etc. joining in on site to support the event.

Hsui-chung Fang said, he always likes Taichung and happy to have the opportunity to design Flora Expo card. In the beginning, he tried to link peanut, lives and the related memories so he applied the curves to match with the colors to the design; meanwhile, he added the elements of Taichung to form the pictures of card. Also, Flora Expo card has broken the 2-D concept by applying the skill of「quadrilateral continuity」to link each card to the one another to link the card holders with their family or friends by coming out the unique puzzles of themselves. Hope everyone will like it and welcome the upcoming great events of Flora Expo together.

Mayor Lin said the Taichung Flora Expo card was launched today. It’s designed by Designer Hsui-chung Fang with great efforts and mixed with many elements of Taichung, including City tree, City flower and so on; the design of Flora Expo card was satisfied and the requests of Flora Expo card have accumulated to more than 1 million with 1 million and 10 thousand of applications.

He said, Taichung City will conduct World Flora Expo and we expected to gather the recognitions of the citizens and the glory of the city through Flora Expo card. And we’d like to leverage the Flora Expo card to connect and share the goodness to deliver the positioning of Taichung City and the concept of how the Flora Expo organized. We wish the carefully designed Flora Expo card will be able to be liked by all the people who will like to keep the well designed card with aesthetic concept. And the City Government will design for the people who are not Taichung Citizen the Flora Expo ticketing related card soon. Please just wait with patience.

Director of Transportation Bureau Yi-chuan Wang explained, the Flora Expo card is commissioned to EasyCard Corporation to issue. EasyCard Corporation is a company with long history and certified with the information security internationally. The total issued cards have accumulated to several million, including many registered cards, so you don’t need to worry about the information security issues.

Director Wang emphasized, there is no need to fill in the telephone number on the Flora Expo card application form so no one will receive the scam calls due to the application of Flora Expo card. The application of the Flora Expo card was without time limitation but the earlier you apply and the earlier you would enjoy the benefits. In the future, the Flora Expo card will be transformed as the「Citizen card」 after the Flora Expo closed. And all the institutes of the City Government will sustain the functions of the card for not just a card for one-time use but a benefit card with many assistance of city administration approaches.

The officer of City Government said, Hsui-chung Fang is a very outstanding designer and has been invited by the Eslite Taichung Qinmei last January to create the Chinese/ English spring couplet with pictures and texts in the square format with the other 10 designers. The special designs were originated from his own style and jumped away from the traditional spring couplet format with out of frame thinking. Frankly speaking, it’s a very interesting chance to link with Taichung City. We’d like to thank Mr. Fang for helping us to lead the key vision of design Flora Expo card. He is very experienced and widely recognized by many people. He has been the designer of the key vision for the Golden Horse Awards and designed the covers of albums for the famous artists, like May Day and A-Mei. Recently, he has started some projects to collaborate with some brands and exhibitions so Taichung City is honored and happy to work with him on the design of Flora Expo card.

The design concept of Flora Expo card is based on「Blooming and birth (the same pronunciation as “peanut” in Mandarin)」 which is fused with the images of Taichung City tree, Taiwan Pine, and Taichung City flower, Taiwan Cherry to show the power of life and keep moving. Just like many good things are happening in Taichung to link to the concept of「Connection and share goodness」. The design with aesthetics will provide the people some room for imagination. The color and picture of the card will remind you to have the association of Taichung National Opera House, Green line and Blue line of Metro and the renovated Luchuan. That is really a sophisticated design with many brilliant ideas.

The officer of City Government mentioned, 2018Taichung World Flora Expo would be the carnival with the contributions and involvements of all citizens. In order to appreciate the citizens and share the big event with the people, the City Government will provide the registered residents of Taichung who has applied for Flora Expo card for one day of free pass to the parks. The card holders can enjoy to visit the exhibition area in Houli, Fengyuan and Waipu. And they will be charged with half-price if they’d like to visit the parks again.

Besides, the City Government will have thousands of sponsors as the contracted stores with special benefits during the period of Flora Expo, including Wang Steak, 85˚C, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, TP Tea, 12 hotpot, Tasty Steak, Pinnada, Yakiyan, Tokiya and Akaonisteak etc.; the cake stores, there are 9 suns, Ifhouse, Kobayashi the finest cookies and Yu Jan Shin etc.; and the department stores or hotels and entertainment venues like EASY SHOP, B&Q, Tempus Hotel, KSSOGO, Moncoeur and Levander cottage etc.

And the officer of City Government indicated, there is no age limitation for Flora Expo card application and no any certified identification required for the free offered card. If you’re the registered residents of Taichung City, you can freely go to any District office for the card application. And you will be informed to take the card when the card application is completed and issued. Any personal information filled in the application form would be only for the card production use. Flora Expo card is commissioned to the card production company with the BSI(British Standard Institute)10012 international certification for personal information security and strict protection system for information securities and personal privacy. So you don’t need to worry about the potential theft of the personal privacy. Please log onto Taichung World Flora Expo website(https://2018floraexpo.tw/) for more details.

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