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Venice Glass Artist Asian Tour Last Stop in Taichung with 16 Classic Artwork

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Venice Glass Artist Asian Tour Last Stop in Taichung with 16 Classic Artwork
Venice Glass Artist Asian Tour Last Stop in Taichung with 16 Classic Artwork

“Lino Tagliapietra Asia Tour” will be on display May 5 through July 15, 2018 in Taichung International Art Gallery, Liuligongfang. With selected 16 classic artworks of various period of Lino Tagliapietra, the Venetian glass artist. Taichung First Lady Liao Wan-ru, while visiting the show, invites everyone to the touching moment in every colorful masterpiece.

The penetrability and color of glass art is unique from other art materials, hence creators are able to speak internally or externally, says Yang Hui-shan, founder of Liuligongfang. The art pieces of Lino Tagliapietra represents the thousand year’s glass technology in Venice in modern interpretation, pushing the light and color of glass to its extreme.

On experiences working with world renowned masters, Yang shared that not only the artworks, the creators’ willingness to open and share, shows truly maestro’s warmth and loving altitude. The show, though not displaying his whole collection, featuring Tagliapietra’s every period of work at its best, tells its story from live visit experience.

First Lady Liao mentioned a trip in Venice a few years ago where she visited a shop with glass works displayed at window but didn’t go in due to it’s closed. Today the works revealed to be Tagliapietra’s pieces. Certain artworks transcend interpretation, the boundaries of time, language and culture. The movement and lighting are visible to the viewers. First Lady Liao appreciated the opportunity of the master’s show in taiwan by Liuligongfang founders Yang Yi and Yang Hui-shan.

Liao mentioned that the glass blowing techniques is the principal culture of Murano, Master Tagliapietra’s birthplace. For hundreds of years the blowing technique and glass formula are kept classified secrets in Italy, therefore when Tagliapietra’s invited as a teacher to U.S. glass school, Murano people voiced strong against master’s sharing of the long-time withheld secrets. She believes Master Tagliapietra’s “a visionary pioneer”, insisting the culture and the skills to be disclosed. The move contains his love for glass.

“A show for Taichung people”, First Lady Liao has been working on Taichung aesthetics awakening movement. The start point is the Flora Expo, so is the Show. She urges Taichung citizen to go to the show, getting inspiration from the glass’ transparency, and living a colorful life as Master’s works.

World acknowledged greatest Italian glass artist Lino Tagliapietra of Venice, 84, has started glass training since 10 years old. The creativity spanning 74 years not only bears works of their own kind, but also steers a challenge human made to the universe of life. his works are in the permanent collections in Met Museum of NYC, V&A Museum of London and 33 world class museums. Tagliapietra is the only contemporary glass artist who has elevated the art to modern art, the life of legendary as a modern glass art history.

  • Date : 2018-05-07
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