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Prelude to the beautiful DaKeng (2005-07)

Everyone would tell you that DaKeng is Taichung’s back garden and this is not wrong at all. In the past few years, DaKeng has become better and better. Whether it is a weekday or the weekend, it always attracts a lot of visitors. Of course, apart from the attraction of the eight mountain pathways, the many beautiful garden restaurants with different styles draw in a lot of people too. The animals, plants, birds and insect life of DaKeng also has its charms.

The eight mountain pathways of DaKeng are suitable for mountaineering, exercising, keeping fit, sightseeing and appreciating the animals and plants along the way, all these activities bring different kinds of fun. Apart from the pathways, the ZhongZheng Campground is also a favorite among young people, students and families. There are always crowds of people here camping, barbequing, walking, looking for fireflies and appreciating nature.

Jumping on the bandwagon of DaKeng’s popularity, theme restaurants have also become a new trend in DaKeng. Stylish and elegant garden restaurants have set themselves up in venues with excellent views, so whether you feel tired or not, you would not be able to resist the temptation to sit down and have a cup of coffee or flower tea while you admire the scenery around you. No wonder it has proved to be so popular.

Before heading into DaKeng, along DongShan Road, near the DaKeng roundabout, the scenery here already gives you a preview of the beauty of DaKeng. Situated in the vicinity are three or four family style gardens, where a variety of plants and flowers are grown, welcoming you with their beauty; various arts and crafts displayed also match the elegance here. The themed restaurants draw in a lot of passer-bys with their romantic atmosphere. DongShan Road combines romance and elegance along the way, as a prelude to the beauty that is DaKeng.

Pictures and Words by Yu Qiao, Translated by Cara Steenstra

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