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A Christmas Feast(2006-12)

As Christmas approaches, a number of Taichung's five-star hotels are gearing up to offer

annual Christmas feasts.

The Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) Gourmet Shop is preparing delicious take-out turkeys, Santa Claus and Christmas chocolates, gingerbread and all sorts of Christmas desserts. The cafe Laurel is also coming up with tender Barbecue Steak and fresh Caesar Salad. Additionally, the Evergarden Chinese Restaurant is serving a Cantonese-style Christmas set meal, which combines Western and Eastern elements. Finally, the Chevalier Teppanyaki & Steakhouse is arranging a classic Christmas piano concert so that guests can enjoy their candle-lit dinners while listening to the lovely music.

Hotel National Taichung restaurants are also offering creative Christmas dinner menus, with main courses like lobster and shark's fin and other top-quality entrees. A Cantonese tea and dim sum buffet is also available for savoring, and a Western and Eastern Christmas dinner buffet will provide a huge variety of dishes for different tastes.

Besides the delicious Christmas dinning, hotels are also luring customers with exquisite Christmas gifts. Last year, The Splendor Hotel gave away champaign, red wine and gingerbread to warm up the Christmas atmosphere. This year, it's continuing that tradition to help ensure everyone has a great holiday.

The newly-opened Windsor Hotel is considered a bright star in Xitun District. Situated within the Zhonggang commercial district, the hotel offers 149 rooms of all types with top-end amenities which will impress guests. The hotel's various outlets--Windsor Buffet, Rose Corner, Ahyat Abalone, Warabi Restaurant, Galliano Italian Cuisine, and ChaTeau Wine & Cigar Bar??"are also preparing first-time Christmas feasts and offerings.

In addition, Taichung's Kodak Hotel and Howard Prince Hotel are also offering special Christmas deals. If you're interested, visit their websites for more information.

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