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Come and fall in love with Taichung!

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

A Taichung lover's murmur:

Plato: If you feel love, why don't you say it?

Chen Wen-chien: Taichung is like one's first love, hard to forget.

Let's share the beauty of Taichung together.

Someone once said that a first love is always the most beautiful, and even though I have only lived in Taichung for 17 years, I have always defined myself as a "Taichung-er". This feeling might not be fair to Taipei, where I have spent half of my life. But, to me, Taichung is like my first love…hard to forget.

Quote from Travel Master in Taichung/Chen Wen-chien

A walk along Taichung's green pathways meets with bliss and sweetness

Taichung: A city that makes you want to take a walk

Taichung is the kind of place that makes people actually want to go for walks. The green belts that crisscross the city are a favorite destination for residents after a hard day's work, or during the holidays. Here you can take a slow walk, breathe in nature and the sweet incense of the surrounding trees and greenery, hardly feeling like you are in the city. You can sit down to savor a cup of coffee and enjoy the tastiest cuisine. You can exchange smiles with other passers-by.

Encountering and savoring wonderful things at every turn

Taichung is a city where you can find bliss and happiness at every turn in a multitude of inviting shops, cafes and restaurants. Strolling along the greenway, you'll find a warm cup of latte at The Naked Cafe or Starbucks on the first floor of the Park Lane by CMP shopping mall. Or you can head to the popular nearby Ino or Mojo cafes. Here, a cup of good coffee, together with a good book, are great company for a relaxing afternoon. Walking along the greenways and tree-lined streets, you can also enjoy people-watching or simply the lushness of the trees. For something extra sweet, there's nothing more satisfying that one of Taichung's famous sun cakes. Local bakeries, including the nearby Today Fried Twists and Sing-ya Dorayaki, are famed for producing these and other popular treats. Artist Huang Xiang-yi has opened up chocolate cake shop "Black as chocolate" on the first flood of Park Lane by CMP and, not too far away, Mucha is famous for its chocolate drinks.

Recommendations for romantics

Ambiguous Phase: 50% love concentration

Perhaps the temperatures of love can be measured in stages as such: When two people start having feelings for each other, the temperature between them is around 50 degrees. But, at this point, how should they arrange their first date? We recommend Taichung's Art Museum Parkway. As the two of you walk slowly through this neighborhood, surrounded by a wide variety of wonderful restaurants, romance moves in the air, as the temperature of love between you increases as well. Stretching from the entrance of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Wuquan West 3rd and West 4th streets make up this Parkway and are such a romantic setting that many wedding photos are taken here. This is the perfect starting place for new couples, a place where lasting memories will be made as you stroll together.

Infatuation Stage: 75% love concentration

This stage of love is like a hot pot--so tasty and stimulating that people want to come back for more. Taichung's hot pot restaurants are a perfect representation of this excitement. Chang-Ji's Spicy Hot Pot, known for its sour vegetable with white-meat broth, as well as Hero Tan and Ding Wang are among some of the city's most famous hot pot eateries. If perhaps you're seeking something less powerful, Zheng Beiping’s goat meat hot pot is a perfect winter choice. The sour vegetable white-meat hot pot is Taichung's most famous variety and a favorite of Taichung Mayor Jason Hu. Uncle's Home Taste restaurant is yet another top option for this savory dish.

Mature-Steady Stage: 100% love concentration

When love between two people is at its highest point, it is a time for cherishing each other. This is when, just before the wedding, romantic wedding photos are taken. Taichung’s Sanmin Road is lined with a huge variety of wedding photo shops, giving it the well-known status as the city's "wedding photo street".

Lisabella, La-Fatte, Dodes, Beattie, Wernar Wedding and Julia are among the reputable professional wedding shops located here. This ensures that when you come to Taichung you can choose not only the most beautiful wedding dress but, at the same time, preserve your most wonderful memories with some exquisitely-captured photos.


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