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Taichung: A flourishing cornucopia of delectable cuisine

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Fresh, popular and creative

Taichung boasts a supremely relaxing environment, where you can experience the best of LOHAS (Life Of Health And Sustainability) living as well as 11 top-notch shopping areas. Today, this always-vibrant, ever-changing city also offers the finest restaurants, promising a delectable fine dining adventure.

Enjoying Taichung's ‘fresh’ culture at Ha Fishing Wharf

The Ha Fishing Wharf is located within the hub of the Taichung Fish Market, where a fascinating mixture of businesses and local seafood from all over Taiwan can be found. A popular tourist landmark, the Ha Fishing Wharf was opened on Dec. 3, 2009 with a variety of special promotions and sales. This attraction has undergone a complete makeover and now combines the concepts of relaxation, fine dining and education, giving it a uniquely inspiring mission. A trial-opening period includes a series of not-to-be-missed promotions, which precede an official inauguration on Jan. 10, 2010, when Ha Fishing Wharf will be fully open to share its delicious cuisine with the rest of Taiwan.

The Ha Fishing Wharf has a total area of about 19,800 square meters, with well-planned tourism and recreational functions. These are served via a Fresh Foods Promotion and Exhibition Center, where the Taiwan Provincial Fishermen's Association has especially invited fishermen's associations and ports from elsewhere in Taiwan, including Suao, Nanliao, Donggang and Penghu, to provide their local fish products to visitors in Taichung. The facility's plaza also includes a variety of places where fish products can be cooked on the spot by chefs after being purchased, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the freshest, tastiest local flavors.

An affiliated dining spot, the Bao Dao Restaurant, is well-known for its fresh seafood. Covering almost 1,980 square meters, this restaurant is the perfect place for large gatherings or small groups and offers very reasonable prices. There is also an Agricultural and Fish Product Center selling regional specialties, including various processed goods, Japanese Tivolina biscuits, Liji cakes, products from D.E. Chung Hua Foods, and Reichun Soy Sauce. Other vendors include the Puli Shaohsing Brewery and businesses from Hualien and Penghu. This wide range of old and new brands and businesses has been united in this location to offer an abundant variety of choices for visitors. A Penguin Nature Reserve has also been designed as a delightful addition to this tourist fish market.

Scenic Cafe: The Felice scenic coffee shop provides a spot where visitors can enjoy coffee and Eastern and Western cuisine, together with fantastic views of the Fazi River, where migratory birds soar against golden sunsets. Far from the busy urban center, this is the perfect place for lingering and relaxing.

Hope Plaza: This area features a melange of boutiques and stores selling various ornaments, souvenirs and local specialties. Not only can most of Taiwan's local delicacies be found here, but the plaza is also the site of various activities and exhibitions. From Feb. 5 to 12, 2010, there will be a large Chinese New Year street sale here offering a bounty of fish, meat, agricultural and floral products. The Taichung Agricultural Association will also have a special stall to welcome all participants at this festive event.

The Flying Ship Area: In order to provide a realistic harbor-like setting, a NT$1 million yacht was built into the center of the Hope Water Fountain. This manmade water park includes sand and was created for parents and children to enjoy family times together.

The Ultimate Dining Experience: Affordable and Tasty

Even if you're not hungry upon arriving at the Fengjia Night Market, your taste buds won't be able to resist the delectable lure of the most fragrant foods sold from a countless number of stalls and shops. Look for the throngs of students that mark the hottest and most popular foods on offer. Other than the basic requirement of being delicious, these delights satisfy student budgets with cheap prices and big portion sizes, ensuring you'll get your money's worth and making the Fengjia Commercial District a top destination. Among the list of must-try delicacies are wrapped pork and rice sausages, barbecued shrimp, squid balls, fried fish with various sauces, crab meat burgers, boiled salted chicken, and mini oden. After you have eaten your fill, the rows of tightly-packed shops provide a perfect place for you to stroll and shop, and almost guarantee that you'll find some treasures to take home.

The Trendiest Food Culture

The biggest difference between the Yizhong Commercial District and Fengjia Night Market is the former's proximity to the National Taichung First Senior High School, National Taiwan College of Physical Education, and National Taichung Institute of Technology. This means that the Yizhong district's consumers also belong to a younger age group. To satisfy the youth market, the stores in this area generally offer the latest trendy new products for sale, which defines the district's main attraction. Besides popular accessories, Yizhong also features a variety of the most popular edible treats, such as grilled chicken fillets, sweet potato fries with plum powder, spring onion pancakes, and strawberry and taro flavored hot dogs. If you are in the mood for a late-afternoon snack, try sampling some Pirate's Onigiri, one of the most popular delicacies found here. You can wash it down with a simple yet flavorful local black tea. The grilled foods found around here, as well as savory almond teas, are also very tasty.



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