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Lucky Mysterious Land voted second in 2012 Taiwan OTOP Tour Award

  • Date: 2018-02-14
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Lucky Mysterious Land voted second in 2012 Taiwan OTOP Tour Award
Lucky Mysterious Land voted second in 2012 Taiwan OTOP Tour Award

As of September 10, “Lucky Mysterious Land — A Blessed Tour in Mountain Towns” (幸福秘境、尋訪山城祝福之旅) recommended by Taichung City has been ranked second by grabbing 11773 online votes on the “2012 Taiwan OTOP Tour Award” (2012台灣OTOP遊程大賞), a program sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs. The final results of the top 10 tourist routes in Taiwan will be announced on September 17 after the organizers will have worked out the weighted average score for each of the 52 tourist routes entering into the competition.

Screened and selected by the organizers from all the routes recommended by every city and county in Taiwan, the 52 tourist routes, among which 6 were from Taichung City, were listed for Internet voting. At the beginning, "Lucky Mysterious Land” was ranked outside of the top ten, but it jumped to the fifth place and then the second just like a galloping and swooping dark horse.

Among the 6 routes recommended by the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government, the Lucky Mysterious Land features many scenic attractions and dream lands specifically designed for lovers in the mountain towns of Xinshe and Dakeng, including the "Thousand Blessings Garden" (千樺花園) designed in courtyard styles; the Mushroom Deity Restaurant (菇神餐廳), which offers deliciously boiled soups; the European-castle-style Xinshe Manor (新社莊園); the Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林), where you can weave a purple dream; the Mu Xin Quan (沐心泉), where you can enjoy gorgeous night view; the Yuan Qing Mi Yi (園情蜜意), where all the produce is non-toxically cultivated in greenhouses; the love-brewing Jellyfish Cheese (水母吃乳酪); the creative Carton King Park (紙箱王創意園區); the Dong Dong Taro (東東芋圓), where you can enjoy piping hot and iced taro balls; and the Aromatic Heart Court (心之芳庭), where the angels confer their blessing on you.

Many people who had personally toured this route pressed "Like" online and the word of mouth spread out very quickly, leading the online ranking of Lucky Mysterious Land to shoot up. In fact, this tourist route is only one to two-hour drive from Taichung. Nicknamed as the “back garden” of Taichung, each scenic attraction on this route has its own characteristics. You will certainly enjoy everything there, including the local foods and the rustic and romantic atmosphere, said the Economic Development Bureau.

  • Date : 2012-09-14
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