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Urban Renewal Program for T2 Land Base in Taichung City

After the retrocession of Taiwan to the Nationalist Government, this land lot was originally used as a troop training ground in the 1940s. Military personnel and their dependents have thus settled down here. Designated later as the T2 Land Base (Land reservation for public facilities), this land base has since formed a complex and intractable network of rights and relationships after decades of succession. With poorly constructed and deteriorating public buildings, insufficient disaster prevention system, and unfavorable use of privately owned land and buildings, the T2 Land Base has become an obstruction to the overall development of the area. In need of more positive disposal measures, this T2 Land Base has been specified as a priority for urban renewal by Construction and Planning Agency and Taichung City Government.
Project Contents
The surroundings of T2 Land Base have complete living space and resources, including open green space, sports facilities (such as the stadium and the baseball field), culture and arts performance fields (halls), first-class school districts, historical and cultural sites, rail and road transport systems, department stores and shopping malls, and famous night markets. Based on the design concept to integrate its historical and cultural assets and its natural and ecological resources with the sports and leisure space, the Urban Renewal Program for T2 Land Base will have six major development themes, namely open sports universities, physical fitness sports and leisure parks, Cui Valley waterfall and natural park landscapes, cultural dining, leisure and shopping district, and residential landscapes. It is hoped that the new future of the T2 Land Base can be embodied in two stages of development.
1. T2 Land Base is about 8.77 hectares in size, on which 98.3% of the constructions are illegal. It is expected that all the illegal constructions can be demolished and leveled to facilitate further development work.
2. The 5.5 hectares of public land, which are currently occupied by squatters, can be retrieved and developed.
3. According to the original urban development plan, there are at least 40 hectares of open space in the area (Zhongshan Park and T2 Land Base). After the completion of T2 Land Base Urban Renewal Program, it is expected that open space will increase by about 6 hectares and green cover ratio by more than 2 to 3 hectares .
4. The cityscape will be effectively improved to enhance the real-estate market value in the region and bring in a new era for the old city districts.
  • Data update: 2019-03-15
  • Publish Date: 2012-10-19
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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