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Urban Renewal Program for Building of Taichung Prefecture and its neighboring areas

Served as headquarters for the Taichung City Government in the past six decades, the Building of Taichung Prefecture and its subsidiary buildings have played an important role in the development of Central District but have been declining in popularity in recent years as crowds of consumers are gradually shifting from Central District to the peripheral districts and Taichung City Government was relocated to the new City Hall at the year end of 2010. Taichung City Government has thus decided to uplift the land use efficiency and activate the heritage assets of the Building of Taichung Prefecture and its neighboring areas by way of urban renewal and planning programs.
Project Contents
The Building of Taichung Prefecture has many priceless monuments and historical buildings, which are obsolete and in need of careful restoration. To keep the cultural assets for sustainable preservation and help transform the region, the Building of Taichung Prefecture and its subsidiary buildings shall be restored by way of overall planning and design and the most rigorous construction technique and quality. It is expected that after completion, there will be historic districts in open space, world-class tourist hotels to enhance the cultural and tourism value, and many other facilities to trigger the prosperity and transformation of the surrounding areas.
1. Building of Taichung Prefecture can be preserved together with its strong historical value and cultural customs.
2. Public lands that have been occupied by squatters can be retrieved by way of appropriate adjustments and swaps of public and private property rights .
3. Transportation shall become more convenient and less congested after the original lanes and roads are appropriately expanded.
4. With good planning, open green space will be released, the cityscape will be improved, the housing quality will be enhanced, and the real estate values in the region will be uplifted.
5. Private investors will be invited to take part in the BOT or outsourcing projects and a good foundation will be laid for the development of this Program for the coming decades.
  • Data update: 2019-03-15
  • Publish Date: 2012-10-19
  • Source: Urban Development Bureau
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