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Wenchang Palace

Name of temple: Wenchang Palace
Commanding deity: Emperor Wenchang
Address: No. 116, Wenwu Road, Kongmen Li, Dajia District, Taichung City
Brief introduction: The Dajia Wenchang Temple, also known as Dajia Wenchang Palace, was formerly a free community school. Located inside the west gate of Dajia Fort on the west side of the old Dajia Street, it was meant to enshrine Emperor Wenchang as the commanding deity but is now used to worship Confucius as well after the retrocession of Taiwan in 1945. Thus, it is also known as the Confucius Temple, which was designated as a class 3 historic monument by Ministry of the Interior on November 27, 1985 and is now a designated historical site of Taichung City.

An ordinary Minna building in central Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, the Dajia Wenchang Temple is composed of the front courtyard, connecting porches, the atrium, the main hall, the left and right wings, and penthouses.

The three-room-wide Sanchuan hall at the first entrance is designed in the form of eaves gallery with three sections of swallowtail roofs and semicircular tiles. The Sanchuan hall is mainly decorated with wood but some stone carved walls in between. On the door on either side is painted a door-god. A side door is set up in either side of the connecting porches for independent access. The gable walls are decorated with red bricks. In between the connecting porches and the main hall are corridors and courtyards. Emperor Wenchang is enshrined at the main hall at the second entrance. It is here that worship and education are carried out.

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