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Wenchang Temple in Beitun District

Name of Temple: Wenchang Temple
Commanding deity: Emperor Wenchang
Address: No. 41, Changping Road Section 2, Beitun District, Taichung City
Brief introduction: The Wenchang Temple is located at No. 41, Changping Road Section 2, Beitun District, Taichung City. The Temple was founded by scholars from the local communities, who collected money in the 2nd year of Tongzhi Emperor to build up the Temple and completed it in the 10th year of Tongzhi Emperor (or in 1871).
The old Wenchang Temple was renovated and expanded into the present scale in 1986. Positioned in a north-sitting and southeast-facing arrangement, the Wenchang Temple is five-room wide, with two entrances and dragon pavilions on the two wings. As the dragon pavilions are not connected with the front hall, the Temple is not designed in a Szu-ho-yuan (四合院) courtyard pattern. The gate at its three-room-wide front hall is similar to that of a general temple, but its left gate and right gate are flanked by the gable wall, a unique feature of its kind. The main hall is five-room wide (expanded into five-room wide after two rooms were added), with short walls connecting the dining room to form a traditional courtyard pattern. The open brick vase-shaped openings on the short walls are consistent with the horizontal wall inscriptions and the Eight-Trigram windows on both sides. The original front courtyard was slashed by more than half after the expansion of Changping Road. Meanwhile, Zhao Wall (照牆) and Dragon Pond (龍池) were constructed in the recent years, not part of the original buildings.
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